Reimagine the Enterprise

The US Virtual CIO Summit 2013 is now available On Demand, recorded live from the Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond, WA.
Join us as we explore the four big themes shaping how IT is transforming the business landscape: Mobility, Cloud, Big Data and Social. Hear real-world insights with examples from organizations pioneering business innovation through technology. Gain insights into the role of the CIO as business leader, innovator, and contributor to creating new revenue streams. You will learn about global trends, innovations, and solutions that help you reduce costs, drive revenue and profit growth, and ultimately thrive in a changing economic landscape.
You can view individual sessions - all on demand.
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Reimagining the Enterprise
48 minutes
David Willis, Corporate VP, US SMS&P
Ather Haidri, Director, US Business PCs, HP
The imagination of Microsoft’s customers is boundless, as technology—and new expectations—are powering changes to the enterprise. Today, people have more information and new ways to connect than ever before. With global uncertainty creating evolving challenges and new work styles altering the workplace, companies must keep pace with these shifts to remain competitive. Innovation is coming from everywhere and managing cost and risk is essential. As Microsoft transforms to a devices and services company, this keynote will help you reimagine your enterprise to align with the way that people work and live. One of our valued partners, Hewlett Packard, will be demonstrating how one of their customers is Reimaging the Enterprise in the mobility space.
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Leading through Disruption
50 minutes
Speakers: Michael Leiter, Counterterrorism and National Security Analyst for NBC
Dubbed “the nation’s 24-hour point person on terrorism” by National Journal while serving as the Director of the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) during two administrations, Michael Leiter is well equipped to discuss leadership, our response to global terrorism and our ability to keep up in a rapidly changing world. Leiter shares with audiences how principled, thoughtful, visionary and energetic leadership can carry an organization through crises and are relevant to both government entities and to the private sector. His lessons of motivating employees and working with critical partners and customers in effecting change are as timely to organizations as combating terrorism is to national security enterprise-and his deep insights provide invaluable understanding to both.
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Enterprise Devices that Change the Game
57 minutes
Jane Boulware, VP, U.S. Windows Devices
Jordan Chrysafidis, VP, WW OEM Marketing
Cyril Belikoff, Director, Microsoft Surface
Your workforce is changing. With “always-on” expectations, the line between work and play is blurring. As business leaders, you are faced with the challenges of increasing connectivity & mobility, driving productivity, improving collaboration, while keeping business operations in the most secure, most efficient and most manageable way. Join our OEM & Surface teams at this session to see how the latest and greatest Windows family of devices (tablets, phones, PCs, servers, and Perceptive Pixels) and services addresses those challenges and changes the game in the workplace.
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How Microsoft IT is Embracing the New Era of Technology
10 minutes
Speakers: Barry Briggs, Chief Architect, Microsoft IT
It is a remarkable time for the IT and the enterprise with the explosion of new technologies and business expectations. How do you make sense of it all? Barry Briggs, Chief Architect of Microsoft IT will share how Microsoft is employing a strategy to embrace the technology trends: Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud and ensure they are interconnected.
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HP Business Insights
13 minutes
Paul Horn, Manager of Business Development, HP Microsoft Private Cloud Solutions
Mike Saleme, Infrastructure Architect, HP Datacenter and SQL
Mark Cox, Alliance Sales Manager, HP Networking/Microsoft Unified Communications & Collaboration Solutions
Join this panel with HP solution experts to understand what they are hearing from CIOs today in terms of business challenges and opportunities and how they are helping address customer challenges through technology.
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Reimagining a Mobile Workforce
56 minutes
Margaret Arakawa, GM, U.S. Windows
Thom Gruhler, VP, Operating System Marketing
Angus Norton, GM, Microsoft Office Division
IT departments are in reactive mode as they deal with the explosive growth of consumer-driven mobile devices in their environment. This thought-provoking session will help you get off the back foot and proactively formulate a mobility strategy that meets business stakeholder, employee and customer expectations. This session will also demonstrate how to boost agility by providing real-time access to apps and data from anywhere, the ability to embrace device choice & anywhere access without compromising security and how to stay productive on the go with familiar, connected experiences.
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Using real-time customer insight to drive decision-making
19 minutes
Speakers: Payal Tiwana Gupta, Director of Program Management
Understanding the effectiveness of your marketing programs means that you and your team need instant access to visual data. Being able to act upon trends and deliver return on marketing investment is one of the keys to a successful program. By leveraging anywhere, anytime access to information using tools that are familiar, you can have a holistic view of the data you need to ensure that your marketing programs are delivering optimal impact.
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From insights to business impact – how to harness the power of big data
20 minutes
Amy Hood, CFO
Frank Brod, VP Finance
Do you have a 360-degree view of your business? Join us to learn how you can use big data to have a real-time view into your business processes and strategic initiatives on any device, anywhere, all in a highly secure environment. This allows you and your team to share insights across the business and instantly dive deeper into trends and outliers.
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Social in the Enterprise
20 minutes
Brian Murray, Senior Product Planning Lead, US Yammer
Chris Slemp, Principal Solution Manager, Microsoft IT
Companies are facing increasing pressure to provide their employees with the highly connected tools and information that match today’s consumer social networking experiences. Yammer was founded in 2008 with the goal of correlating consumer experiences to business by empowering employees to work in an environment that is more connected. Brian Murray, Senior Product Planning Lead, Yammer will talk about where it all started and how companies are improving the value of customer relationships, responding to opportunities with speed and intelligence, and gaining an advantage over competitors. On this panel discussion, one of Yammer’s biggest customers – Microsoft IT will share how we are embracing social in the enterprise and lessons learned.
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Reimagining Cloud Computing
1 hour 11 minutes
Speakers: Takeshi Numoto, VP, Server & Tools Marketing
Social connections, mobility, cloud delivery and pervasive information are converging in a powerful way. This convergence is creating a new era of computing and new opportunities for business. With enterprise solutions through cloud technology, learn how to access a seamless business-class experience – regardless of whether users are working with traditional apps or cloud-based services or whether they are working from a PC, on their mobile device, or through a browser.
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