The Microsoft Cloud. A cloud you can trust.The Microsoft Cloud brings peace of mind.Thinking of hopping on a safer cloud?
The Microsoft Cloud.
A cloud you can trust.
The Microsoft Cloud brings peace of mind.
Thinking of hopping on a safer cloud?

We are proud of our cloud.

Microsoft’s cloud services (Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Windows Intune) contracts help you comply with EU privacy obligations—the most stringent data protection laws in the world. We are proud to announce that, according to all 28 of the EU’s national Data Protection Authorities, Microsoft’s cloud services contracts are in line with the EU’s requirements for cross-border transfers, giving customers reassurance that no other cloud service provider can provide. Microsoft is the first and only cloud service provider to receive such a thorough review and confirmation from the Article 29 Working Party.

Cloud protection and privacy

Data protection
When you hop on the Microsoft Cloud, you want it to be safe. This is where our extensive background in data protection comes into play. We implement features that help ensure your data isn’t compromised – a result of over a decade of providing and protecting online services.

Reliable online services
We make sure that you can be productive at all times. Microsoft manages a cloud-based infrastructure that supports more than 200 services, 1 billion customers, and 20 million businesses in more than 76 markets worldwide.

Highest privacy standards
One of Microsoft’s top priorities is to deliver the highest standards of privacy. Our goal is to be the cloud provider people can trust.

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