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Welcome to the Human Resources @ Microsoft blog! This blog is designed to provide an insider’s view to how human resource experts and leaders at Microsoft address current industry and market trends by taking advantage of some of the newest technology resources.

Latest Posts

2.24.2014Stijn Nauwelaerts
How mobile tools changed the relationship between Microsoft and its employees.
1.9.2014Rose Clements
How a company dialogue about how we work changed the way we work.
10.30.2013Sue Bevington
Leading a large group of diverse human resource professionals spread across the globe provides many benefits – but also a set of challenges that are familiar to most HR managers.


Sue Bevington
Sue Bevington
Microsoft Corporation CVP – Human Resources, SMSG Worldwide
Stijn Nauwelaerts
Stijn Nauwelaerts
Microsoft Corporation General Manager of Human Resources, Microsoft International
Rose Clements
Rose Clements
Human Resources Director Microsoft Australia