Microsoft's Reference Architecture for Media & Cable

Envision, Accelerate, Transform

Microsoft’s goal is to provide media and cable companies with the necessary tools and guidance to make decisions and deliver technologies that enable powerful business transformation. To that end, we envision a reference architecture to provide a template for business solutions. We hope you will find this to be a helpful means of understanding successful implementations and how to accelerate delivery and ensure success. This reference architecture is based on familiar, cost-effective Microsoft platforms that are core to accelerating innovation and productivity. This architectural approach enables media companies to select technologies to improve individual performance, extract more value from existing enterprise software investments, enhance cross-functional and cross-organizational collaboration, and create new customer-focused products and services to transform themselves in this fast-changing, ever-more-interconnected world.

By using this architecture, media companies can more easily assess current technology, resources and processes; lay the foundation for future success; and provide flexibility to allow their businesses to grow, adapt and innovate quickly and in a cost-efficient manner.

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