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As media businesses increase their scope in terms of delivery platforms and devices; new content formats and themes – it is imperative that certain activities are automated and major decisions are well-informed.
Without effective automation, content assets will have unrealized value. Due to lack of resources, time and a proven ROI, the idea of exploiting content beyond the primary windows is not feasible. However, through a programmatic approach to digitizing, storing, syndicating and delivering content, new revenue streams can be realized.
Traditional audience measures which were mainly used to derive advertising revenue, are no longer the only means of deriving insight. As the media business model evolves from mass advertising (B2B2C) to personalized and targeted models (B2C), a large amount of consumer behavior data will provide insight on how best to schedule, market and price content.
Content Creation & Production
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Content Creation & Production

Collaboration on content, stories, scripts, rundowns, production notes, modifications, etc. on the organizational side of content creation is complimented by capturing the content itself. Photos, video and/or sound, technologies should ideally provide for digital interfaces, feeds and backups which preserve content integrity at the highest required quality. Having captured both the essence and metadata, it is essential to ensure these are maintained synchronously throughout editing and processing to maximize utility and value.



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