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Streamline Content Creation|Multi-format, Multi-channel Distribution
Delivering content in multiple formats (think VHS and Beta) and across multiple channels (FTA, Web, VOD) has become the minimum required functionality for entering the business. Packaging content for a variety of delivery methods including download, linear broadcast and smooth streaming on the Web requires workflow management and end to end quality of service (QOS) capabilities that most broadcasters lack today.
Content Creation & Production
Content Acquisition & Management
Standards, Compliance & QC
Automation, Master Control & Digital Platform

Content Creation & Production

Collaboration on content, stories, scripts, rundowns, production notes, modifications, etc. on the organizational side of content creation is complimented by capturing the content itself. Photos, video and/or sound, technologies should ideally provide for digital interfaces, feeds and backups which preserve content integrity at the highest required quality. Having captured both the essence and metadata, it is essential to ensure these are maintained synchronously throughout editing and processing to maximize utility and value.



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