OnWindows: Communications and Media Global Outlook 2014-2017

Communications and Media Global Outlook 2014-2017 provides insight into the Microsoft and partner technologies that are being developed for communications and media companies to drive positive change and address new trends. Topics around mobile, cloud and the Internet of Things are covered in the technology roadmap and regional perspective sections of the guide. A comprehensive directory section also provides business information about some of the innovative technology suppliers in the industry, helping you to make positive technology decisions for your own company.

With the new release of Dynamics CRM now available worldwide, Microsoft is enabling the telecommunications industry to unite customer service, sales and marketing solutions across multiple channels for improved operational efficiencies, business intelligence, customer satisfaction and return on investment.

The latest iteration of the solution enhances core case management capabilities and introduces a new Unified Service Desk, a powerful application designed for call centers that allows agents to handle multiple interactions simultaneously, increasing efficiency by automating repetitive tasks and displaying scripts to help agents provide a more personalized and effective service.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM also now offers customers choice in deploying customer service capabilities ranging from self-service via support portals, Facebook and Twitter to web chat and video capabilities, all leveraging a shared knowledge base to ensure the right answer can be delivered consistently on the right channel at the right time.

This new customer care solution ensures that telecommunications and media businesses can effectively handle interactions in the way each customer prefers and quickly respond to that person’s needs, resulting in a smooth and more personalized experience for the customer. The new release also boasts new social functionality, with Microsoft Social Listening. This new service adds the capabilities for telecommunications organizations to analyze and act on market intelligence from social conversations, including measuring sentiment across a wide array of social channels. It also allows users to track product, brand, competitor and campaigns globally and in real time to gain true understanding of their customers and their business across the social web.

The social aspect of the technology is strengthened further with a strategic partnership between Microsoft and social intelligence provider InsideView. Built on the InsideView CRM Intelligence Platform, Microsoft has created Social Insights, which puts real-time company and contact information from 30,000 sources into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It populates CRM lead, contact, opportunity and account records with real-time company and contact data, insights and connections – exactly the kind of information people need to be able to meaningfully interact with their customers and prospects.

“CRM today should be an enabler that detects trends, facilitates decisions and suggests actions that lead to successful outcomes and relationships,” said Bob Stutz, corporate VP of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. “This major release delivers on this promise of customer centricity by bringing together Microsoft technologies in a way that helps businesses and organizations better engage and nurture their customers.”