Digital Marketing and Experiences

Telco Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing and Experiences

Microsoft Digital Marketing solutions help Network Operators deliver engaging and differentiated customer experiences that lead to opportunities to generate revenue. Today’s marketers face the challenge of creating a successful strategy to build more targeted audiences, more connected and more personalized brand experiences across channels, and smarter data and marketing intelligence.

Microsoft Digital Marketing solutions combine Microsoft software platforms (Silverlight and PlayReady), online services platforms (Windows Live Services and Azure), search tools (FAST) and consumer services (Xbox Live and Windows 7) into solutions that enable delivery of rich experiences to multiple channels and screens.

By creating these compelling user experiences with Microsoft building blocks, Network Operators can find new revenue channels and increase audience engagement.


  • Create Demand - Target and reach the right audience more efficiently with the help of a Media Network and broad range of tools.
  • Drive Engagement - Create exciting, consistent, connected web experiences using a range of technologies.
  • Monetize the experience through e-commerce and advertising revenues
  • Build Insight - Implement solutions that help monitor, measure, analyze and organize data to turn it into actionable insight.

Microsoft Digital Marketing solutions empower new levels of personalization, ensuring that precisely the right message is being delivered to each segment and individual. Microsoft digital marketing solutions deliver the most powerful message with engaging and rich media across the widest possible range of channels and devices. With more than 1.8 billion people online and over 60 billion devices connected to the Internet, digital marketing will have the biggest influence, reach, awareness and impact on sales during the next five years. -Gartner, “The Gartner CRM Team's Perspective on the Impact of Web E-Commerce, Mobile, Automation and Marketing on Sales”, December 2010.




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