The Acropolis, Nice, France

Expo: June 3 - 5, 2014

TM Forum Live! brings together all the elements driving the successful transformation of service providers and enterprises to help them succeed in the digital world. By combining the knowledge and experience of more than 3,000 executives from across the digital ecosystem, TM Forum Live! helps businesses overcome common challenges.

Microsoft will have a strong presence, demonstrating how our platform, along with our partner ecosystem, is Transforming with Cloud and Devices. We are excited to showcase a range of great solutions and devices that will focus on:

  • My Mobile Workspace – Productivity and collaboration tools to increase operational efficiency, enhance customer experience, and enable new business models.
  • Customer Experience Management – Solutions that match customer needs to products and services, engage them at the right time through the right channel, and nurture into brand advocates.
  • Business Analytics – Solutions to achieve break-through insight into business performance and profitability, and provide an integrated view of the enterprise.
  • Cloud and Digital Services– A comprehensive multi-cloud service delivery platform with end-to-end management.

Microsoft sessions

Skype Hones Business with Big Data

Patrick Hilt | Tuesday, 2:30 PM

Find out how Skype empowers employees and drives success using big data.

  • Taking big data out of the lab and putting it in the hands of employees to help them understand the business and make quick, accurate decisions
  • Developing a flexible infrastructure that supports the process and implementation of meaningful analysis, while allowing for future changes and uncertainty
  • Understanding how IT systems need to be adapted to support data management and analytics and to provide insight into future markets
  • Ensuring that investments generate actionable insight and revenue by providing every line of business and every business user with simple, streamlined and secure access to data

Building the Infrastructure and Ecosystem to Support IOT Workloads

Eric Troup | Tuesday, 4:15 PM

The Internet of the Things (IOT) enables new business scenarios but they are highly dependent upon effective multi-cloud service delivery and device management. The nature of the data needed to support myriad IOT business scenarios also requires some special considerations.

  • What are the industry verticals impacted?
  • What are some of the common infrastructure capabilities required?
  • What is required to setup and support an ecosystem?
  • How does one turn concepts into viable business models?

Digging into NFV & SDN architecture

Rajeev Nagar | Wednesday, 4:45 PM

As we near the end of two days of intense discussion on the management of virtualization, this is your chance to clarify any remaining questions on the technology's management or the technology itself. Whether you have questions for the experts, want to share your thoughts, or just listen in on the action, this highly interactive forum is your opportunity to dig deeper into NFV and SDN architecture.

Brokering the cloud – How openness and standards increase flexibility

Eric Troup | Wednesday, 5:05 PM

Cloud brokerages - an online trading environment for trading cloud computing service capacities.

  • Examining the role of cloud brokers and how they can increase the competitive offerings of cloud providers
  • Arguments for and against eliminating proprietary solutions and introducing interoperable standards
  • Avoiding vendor-lock and enabling freedom of choice
  • Creating a new service through open cloud computer interfaces and the ability to monitor service level agreements

How Microsoft views Frameworx and the Digital Services Reference Architecture (DSRA)

Apruva Dalia, Steve Hiskey, and Andreas Luther | Thursday, 9:30 AM

Microsoft discusses the open digital economy and TM Forum’s role in guiding the evolution of virtualized digital services.

  • Examining how Microsoft sees the open digital economy impacting TM Forum’s work
  • How can Frameworx be transformed to enable rapid adoption by service providers seeking to implement the DSRA as a best practice?
  • Consolidating existing support systems for Xbox Live, Office 365, Azure and MS Marketplace into one agile system, the Microsoft Commerce Platform
  • Achieving the agility needed to keep up with rapid deployments of services and service compositions

Foundations in Frameworx

Apruva Dalia, Steve Hiskey, and Andreas Luther | Thursday, 10:00 AM

Turk Telekom, Etiya and Microsoft discuss their experience and welcome your questions on the how, where and when of Frameworx.

Streamlining In-flight Customer Service with Mobile Devices and Services for Flight Attendants

Bonnie Jeanne Maher | Thursday, 10:20 AM

Understanding your customer’s unique environment and challenges is critical when developing effective digital solutions. Look behind the scenes at Delta Air Lines at the constraints, impacts and improvements to business processes that drove a positive change for passengers, crew and company.

  • How did Delta Air Lines collaborate with technology leaders and a service provider to create a solution to enhance the customer experience?
  • Why does developing stronger customer relationships drive innovation?
  • Understanding how critical it is to integrate mobile applications with core processes and operation
  • Learning how the new solution makes a difference for passengers, crew and the airline
Solutions in the Microsoft booth

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