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Business Analytics Accelerator/Multi-Cloud Service Delivery & E2E Mgmt

Today communications are characterized by the ever-growing demand for anytime, anywhere, and always on connections enabling real-time dynamic interaction between people, services, devices and machines. This unprecedented demand for ‘ More ’ -- more connections, more content & services, more devices and more personalization continues to accelerate the pace of change in the industry while the rise of social media increasingly plays a role in customer loyalty.

In combination , the scale of these trends and the velocity with which they occur have significant implications for CSP’s. CSP’s face the challenge of developing, launching, supporting and monetizing new services, supporting exponential growth requirements and the need for rising investments, while at the same time continuing to delight customers by providing personalized services and experiences.

The pace of change and exponential growth require a new paradigm. A paradigm which leverages agile new technologies, systems and services which can replace or augment legacy capabilities and enable innovative new business models that unlock the promise of the digital economy.

From superior customer interactions and compelling digital experiences to personalized offerings, targeted campaigns, revealing analytics, and agile platforms Microsoft and its Partners provide the solutions needed to:

  • Envision - collaborate to envision the future and drive innovation
  • Accelerate – create solutions to accelerate business processes
  • Transform – enhance agility to transform and compete