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Microsoft helps manufacturers transform their business in today’s connected world with devices and services capabilities focused on driving innovation, performance, and growth.

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5.13.2014Sanjay Ravi, Worldwide Managing Director, Discrete Manufacturing Industry: Automotive, Aerospace, High Tech & Electronics, and Industrial
There are a lot of tires on an 18-wheeler. Big ones, too. Monitoring their wear and tear, having them maintained and replaced is a big job for trucking companies.
4.3.2014Indranil Sircar, Director, Industry Technology Strategy, Manufacturing
Manufacturing Industry is undergoing significant transformation driven by consumers, connected experience, changing demographics and globalization among others.
4.1.2014Chris Harries, Industry Solution Manager – Automotive Industry
On April 1st, Microsoft, along with partners PowerObjects and Saphran Solutions, will host a webcast where we will discuss the challenges faced by automotive suppliers and demonstrate a new PowerObjects/Saphran solution.
Today's manufacturing enterprises must move faster and make decisions more rapidly in a highly complex and uncertain environment filled with more data but less insight. In general, lean concepts have not been applied to information sharing and communications processes on the factory floor, leaving a great deal of process latency still to be removed.
2.18.2014Sanjay Ravi
We all know that the trends of big data, cloud computing, social media, and mobile computing are going to impact businesses, but what we often need are some concrete examples and dialogue around how these trends will reshape the way that manufacturers will innovate, perform, and grow. The Manufacturing Innovation Summit hosted by Microsoft will cover these topics.
12.23.2013Prime Magazine - winter 2013
Sanjay Ravi at Microsoft explains how the four big technology shifts are driving business transformation in discrete manufacturing. Imagine a business environment for manufacturers where underlying pressures like globalisation, shifting demographics, a complex regulatory environment, and increasing demands from connected consumers suddenly ease up or go way. That’s just not going to happen.
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