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12.18.2014Sanjay Ravi, Managing Director, Worldwide Discrete Manufacturing, Enterprise and Partner Group, Microsoft
Learning from our manufacturing customers is one of the highlights of my work here at Microsoft. They are on the front lines, taking the latest insights, ideas, and technology and creating amazing solutions that drive customer value. Recently we shared two such customer stories on an interactive webcast where we discussed how the power of Microsoft Azure and the Internet of Things (IoT) are advancing manufacturing businesses.
12.8.2014Rohit Bhargava, CTO, Worldwide Discrete Manufacturing, Enterprise and Partner Group, Microsoft
With an always-on connection, consumer expectations have drastically changed when it comes to their vehicle—from their shopping and ownership experiences to the very essence of the automobile as it becomes an extension to their digitally-connected lifestyle.
12.4.2014Sanjay Ravi, Managing Director, Worldwide Discrete Manufacturing, Enterprise and Partner Group, Microsoft
Have you heard about the Internet of Things—or IoT—but not sure what it means for your business? IoT is about helping you create new value and services for your customers that ultimately lead to new business opportunities and revenue streams. It is here to stay and offers you amazing opportunities to transform your business.
12.1.2014Chris Harries, Automotive Industry Solutions Manager, Worldwide Discrete Manufacturing, Microsoft
We all know that competition in the automotive industry is fierce. By our research, around two-thirds of car buying activities is happening online before anyone puts a foot inside a dealership showroom.
11.24.2014Susan Hauser, Corporate Vice President, Enterprise and Partner Group, Microsoft
During the last few months, I have had the opportunity to meet with many customers and partners around the world during my field visits and as a host in our Executive Briefing Center in Redmond, WA.
11.24.2014Indranil Sircar, Director, Industry Technology Strategy, Discrete Manufacturing, Microsoft
In our mobile-first, cloud-first world we are always connected, always “on.” The pace of business is faster than ever before—and accelerating.
11.20.2014Sanjay Ravi, Managing Director, Worldwide Discrete Manufacturing, Enterprise and Partner Group, Microsoft
Forward-thinking manufacturers are transforming their businesses. At the center of their quest is data. Why? The business opportunities of big data are big!
11.18.2014Sanjay Ravi, Managing Director, Worldwide Discrete Manufacturing, Enterprise and Partner Group, Microsoft
As worldwide demand for cloud computing continues to rise, Microsoft is investing to meet this demand. At a recent event in San Francisco, our CEO Satya Nadella outlined how Microsoft is using Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics to deliver the most complete cloud for every business, industry and geography.
11.14.2014Enrique Andaluz, Microsoft business development director, worldwide Discrete Manufacturing
A complex manufacturing revolution is happening today. “Can systems for the Internet of Things (IoT) be simple?” is a question that I often get. Let’s think through it…
11.10.2014Simon Floyd, Director of Business Development & Strategy, Product Lifecycle Management Solutions, Worldwide Discrete Manufacturing, Microsoft
Microsoft recently shared its first sneak peek at the product direction for the Windows operating system and the upcoming release of Windows 10.
11.3.2014Sanjay Ravi, Managing Director, Discrete Manufacturing, Enterprise and Partner Group, Microsoft
Across the globe every day, businesses are connecting their things and harnessing their data to create powerful new business value.
9.19.2014Simon Floyd, Director, Business Development & Strategy, Product Lifecycle Management Solutions
Today, at the JT Open International Conference in Tokyo, I shared details about the overall performance of 3D Viewer for JT and JT2Go for Windows 8, how they are used with the assistance of ATK Aerospace and demonstrated a few of the exciting new features targeted for a future release of JT2Go.
9.15.2014Simon Floyd, Director, Business Development & Strategy, Product Lifecycle Management Solutions
At the 2014 JT Open International Conference in Tokyo, Japan, I will have the pleasure of reporting the progress made by Siemens PLM and Microsoft to enable JT (ISO 14306:2012) for mobility business processes. To help bring this progress to life, I will have the privilege of sharing ATK Aerospace experience with Surface Pro and JT2Go for Windows 8 for shop floor processes where product manufacturing information (PMI) is essential.
With city populations exploding, city planners and builders have critical problems to solve. To make room for 3 billion people to live, work and play, planners know that the best direction to go is up.
5.13.2014Sanjay Ravi, Worldwide Managing Director, Discrete Manufacturing Industry: Automotive, Aerospace, High Tech & Electronics, and Industrial
There are a lot of tires on an 18-wheeler. Big ones, too. Monitoring their wear and tear, having them maintained and replaced is a big job for trucking companies.
4.3.2014Indranil Sircar, Director, Industry Technology Strategy, Manufacturing
Manufacturing Industry is undergoing significant transformation driven by consumers, connected experience, changing demographics and globalization among others.
4.1.2014Chris Harries, Industry Solution Manager – Automotive Industry
On April 1st, Microsoft, along with partners PowerObjects and Saphran Solutions, will host a webcast where we will discuss the challenges faced by automotive suppliers and demonstrate a new PowerObjects/Saphran solution.
Today's manufacturing enterprises must move faster and make decisions more rapidly in a highly complex and uncertain environment filled with more data but less insight. In general, lean concepts have not been applied to information sharing and communications processes on the factory floor, leaving a great deal of process latency still to be removed.
2.18.2014Sanjay Ravi
We all know that the trends of big data, cloud computing, social media, and mobile computing are going to impact businesses, but what we often need are some concrete examples and dialogue around how these trends will reshape the way that manufacturers will innovate, perform, and grow. The Manufacturing Innovation Summit hosted by Microsoft will cover these topics.
12.23.2013Prime Magazine - winter 2013
Sanjay Ravi at Microsoft explains how the four big technology shifts are driving business transformation in discrete manufacturing. Imagine a business environment for manufacturers where underlying pressures like globalisation, shifting demographics, a complex regulatory environment, and increasing demands from connected consumers suddenly ease up or go way. That’s just not going to happen.
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