Microsoft Wins Best Cloud Provider to the Buy Side at Waters Technology Awards

Microsoft Wins Best Cloud Provider to the Buy Side at Waters Technology Awards

Microsoft has been named Best Cloud Provider to the Buy-Side by Waters Magazine and, who’s annual Buy-Side Technology Awards recognize excellence and outstanding contribution to the global investment management community. This award was presented to Microsoft for Windows Azure, which has a proven track record of providing cloud services to global asset management and wealth management firms.

Bruce McKee, UK Industry Market Development Lead for Financial Services at Microsoft commented, "This award reflects the investments Microsoft has made in Azure and our commitment to delivering agile, secure and cost effective solutions to Financial Services firms around the globe. Azure enables buy-side firms to focus on their core business, rather than dedicating time and resources to maintaining complex, resource-heavy IT infrastructures.”

One buy-side application that is ideally suited to cloud or hybrid cloud infrastructures is client reporting. Wealth and asset managers are increasingly challenged to transform the client experience and deliver accurate valuations on a periodic and ad hoc basis. By automating the client reporting process these firms can reduce the time taken to produce detailed, personalised reports by up to 90% and eliminate the risk of error. When client reporting solutions are deployed using the cloud, the cost savings are vast compared to on premise alternatives, and the system has limitless scale. The pricing model allows buy-side firms to pay only for what they use.

Equipos, the global leader in client communications solutions, offers its best practice client reporting system on Azure. Using this award-winning combination, Equipos clients achieve fast implementations and tangible cost savings with a solution that grows with their business.

Alan Hamilton, CEO at Equipos commented, “Microsoft is delivering significant benefits to clients who deploy our Coric™ Client Communications suite in a Windows Azure hosted environment. Compared with on-premise deployments, implementation timescales can be reduced from 6-9 months down to 8 weeks. Client reporting is ideally suited to the cloud, because our clients can rent processing power from Microsoft by the minute to accommodate peaks of activity during the reporting period. We have also proven that Coric can render one million 16-page reports in a 12-hour window in an Azure environment, which is especially useful for our outsourcing partners.”

Microsoft has worked closely with Equipos to satisfy the unique regulatory requirements of private wealth and asset managers, including those operating in heavily governed financial jurisdictions. Using a hybrid infrastructure, client data can remain on premise while processing occurs in the cloud, which appeals to investment management clients with specific data security and jurisdiction concerns. Using this hybrid approach Equipos’ private wealth and asset management clients can extend their on premise system to achieve vast infrastructure and cost-per-report processing savings, while safeguarding client data privacy

This Waters Best Cloud Provider to the Buy-Side Award win also reflects the success of the wider eco-system of Microsoft partners that utilise Azure to deliver solutions for their clients across the whole of the Financial Services sector. Partner solutions from Abide Financial, Derivitec, RiskMetrics and Xenomorph enable faster processing of risk and pricing data or the creation of regulatory reports on the Azure platform. By transferring responsibility for infrastructure provision, maintenance and upgrades to Microsoft, their Financial Services clients can focus more attention on developing and delivering premium solutions to their own client base, ensuring satisfaction, loyalty and profitability.

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