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The Microsoft in Power & Utilities blog discusses the emerging technological and economic challenges facing the global Utility industry and how Utilities can innovate through a strategy based on devices and services to transform and grow their businesses in an era of constant disruption.

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11.4.2015Larry Cochrane, Director of Industry Technology Strategy, Microsoft Power & Utilities
It’s such an exciting time for our company with the recent release of Windows 10, which is Windows as you’ve never seen it. Windows 10 will transform your business.
10.21.2015Larry Cochrane, Director of Industry Technology Strategy, Microsoft Power & Utilities
As the season turns to fall here in the U.S., for us here at Microsoft, it means that it’s conference time. And I will be participating in two exciting events later this month, talking about where the industry is headed in terms of digital transformation.
10.7.2015Larry Cochrane, Director of Industry Technology Strategy, Microsoft Power & Utilities
Congratulation to Microsoft global ISV partner Ferranti Computer Systems! Ferranti’s Microsoft Dynamics AX-based MECOMS-as-a-service solution was recently adopted for the first time in the UK by energy provider Our Power. Our Power will use the system for all of its customer care and billing needs, and because it is a SaaS installation, Our Power will have the power and flexibility of an onsite installation, but can deploy, host and maintain it entirely in the cloud using Microsoft Azure.
10.1.2015Larry Cochrane, Director of Industry Technology Strategy, Microsoft Power & Utilities
We have been talking about the importance of a connected and productive workforce for utilities. Enabling people to work where they want—in the office, on the go, and at home—and making it easy for them to collaborate with colleagues, partners, and customers around the world is key to innovation.
8.14.2015Veronica Cavazos-Bradley, Director of Business Development, Microsoft Manufacturing & Resources
A growing workforce and new ways of working are changing our industry, and many utilities are investing in technology to attract, motivate, and empower their employees. IDC says that this year, the world's mobile worker population will reach 1.3 billion, representing 37.2 percent of the total workforce.
8.6.2015 Veronica Cavazos-Bradley, Director of Business Development, Microsoft Manufacturing & Resources
This summer has been a busy season for Microsoft and its industry partner community, including our annual Worldwide Partner Conference activity and our 2015 Partner of the Year Awards.
7.27.2015Larry Cochrane, Director of Industry Technology Strategy, Microsoft Power & Utilities
At this month’s Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, we were excited to have our partner Neudesic take the stage and recognize its award-winning innovation that is helping businesses overcome big data challenges using the Microsoft cloud.
7.22.2015Larry Cochrane, Director of Industry Technology Strategy, Microsoft Power & Utilities
Welcome to our July installment of Microsoft Power & Utilities News. We are deeply saddened by the untimely loss of our friend and coworker Jon Arnold on May 14.
7.14.2015Larry Cochrane, Director of Industry Technology Strategy, Microsoft Power & Utilities
Energy demand forecasting is an essential component of the energy industry, supporting critical elements of the electrical grid like power generation planning, smart price-bidding strategies, and optimized grid operations.
6.15.2015Larry Cochrane, Director of Industry Technology Strategy, Microsoft Power & Utilities
The smart energy ecosystem continues to emerge with a steady increase in renewables—especially in countries like Germany and the Netherlands and regions like California and Hawaii who are participating in renewables in a much larger way.
6.11.2015Indranil Sircar, Director, Industry Technology Strategy, Discrete Manufacturing, Microsoft
It’s no question that the Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming our industry. Converging at the home gateway, smart products are being connected to generate new insights, efficiencies delivering customer value, and in turn, generating significant business opportunities for Utilities.
5.20.2015Larry Cochrane, Director of Industry Technology Strategy, Microsoft Power & Utilities
Some people may have noticed the Microsoft product flags at half-mast on Monday. This is in memory of my great friend and Managing Director of Worldwide Power and Utilities, Mr. Jon Arnold.
5.13.2015Jon Arnold, Managing Director, Worldwide Power & Utilities, Microsoft
As the smart grid continues its evolution, more and more Utilities are finding the need for a substation automation software solution that can integrate all of the distribution devices within their network into one solution.
5.4.2015Jon Arnold, Managing Director, Worldwide Power & Utilities, Microsoft
It was great to see many of you earlier this month at Hannover Messe. We had our biggest presence ever and it was a very exciting week!
5.1.2015Jon Arnold
Please join us for an exciting public webcast: Harnessing the power of big data through machine learning in Power & Utilities. This webcast will feature Microsoft Power & Utilities CTO, Larry Cochrane, Microsoft Data Scientist Director, Ilan Ritter, and partner Genscape’s Albert Hofeldt, Platform Services Managing Director for this insightful overview of the emerging arena of Machine Learning and how you can apply it to help meet the challenges of the Power & Utilities industry.
4.24.2015Jon Arnold
We just published a new case study where partner eSmart Systems helps Utilities keep the lights on with an automated energy management system based on Microsoft cloud services, including Azure Machine Learning (ML).
4.11.2015Jon Arnold
The Microsoft Team is counting down the minutes till Hannover Messe and we are so excited! This is where we will make the Internet of Things become real with demonstrations and customers discussing how they have leveraged their Microsoft partnerships to help transform their businesses.
3.24.2015Jon Arnold
Western Power wanted to better inform their customers concerning upcoming maintenance and upgrade work as well as provide better information about storms and other unplanned outage situations.
3.16.2015Jon Arnold
One of the foundations of modern society is its ability to deliver clean water and sanitation deposal. At the heart of this process is the water-energy nexus where electricity generation often consumes large amounts of water and water supply and sewage disposal are substantial electric loads.
2.27.2015Jon Arnold
Back in 2006 we starting working on a project with the vision of developing a platform that could be used as the foundation for the connected home. In today’s terminology we would call it the IoT for the home.
2.25.2015Rob Bernard
With cities and urban areas generating the bulk of global carbon emissions which contribute to climate change
2.18.2015Jon Arnold
When we meet with our Power & Utility customers to talk about their business priorities, the conversation almost always toWe have written about of our Azure Machine Learning (ML) services many times before and up until today it was in public preview. Today we are delighted to announce that we have released Azure ML for general availability.
2.12.2015Jon Arnold
When we meet with our Power & Utility customers to talk about their business priorities, the conversation almost always touches on the topic of mobility. It should be no surprise that our customers are looking to re-shape their mobility strategies to support the needs of the modern Utility worker. Our strategy with Windows 10 is to help our customers achieve their goals by enabling a consistent mobile user experience across devices and supporting the way people interact naturally, through voice, gestures and gaze. Of course, part of this experience means working with our partners to make sure our customers have the right devices whether they are in the office or in the field.
2.4.2015Jon Arnold
Transforming to a digital business is now considered a requirement for virtually every enterprise. But this is much more than simply digitizing traditional processes as businesses are rethinking products, services and even entire business models in a mobile-first, cloud-first, all-digital world. Power & Utility companies have realized that "getting closer to the customer" is crucial to meeting and exceeding customer expectations whether it’s information about outages, new programs, services or just elevating the customer care experience through digital transformation initiatives.
1.26.2015Jon Arnold
We had a great turnout for last Tuesday’s webcast on The Innovation Challenge: Creating the 21st Century Utility and thanks to all that attended. We had some excellent questions concerning Utilities and the Cloud and how to lead the IoT discussion in Utilities.
1.22.2015Jon Arnold
We are a proud sponsor again this year at DistribuTECH, the largest U.S. event that covers the utility industry from end-to-end with 10,000 attendees and more than 480 exhibitors. DistribuTECH is being held February 3 – 5 at the San Diego Convention Center.
1.7.2015Jon Arnold
Please join us on Tuesday, January 13, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time for a webcast we are hosting called The Innovation Challenge: Creating the 21st Century Utility .
1.2.2015Jon Arnold
Susan Hauser, our Corporate Vice President, Enterprise and Partner Group has posted our business predictions for 2015.
12.8.2014Jon Arnold
As we continue to invest to deliver the industry’s most complete cloud for the global enterprise we are very pleased to announce our expansion of our long-standing strategic alliance with Accenture through the introduction of the Accenture Hybrid Cloud Solution for Microsoft Azure, a powerful hybrid cloud platform designed to bring new capabilities, economics and innovation to the enterprise.
12.1.2014Jon Arnold
Welcome to our October-November-December installment of Microsoft Power & Utilities News. Historically we have emailed this newsletter directly to our customers and partners but with this edition we have decided to post it to our blog for better access and to raise the visibility of all the great work that our teams are doing!
11.12.2014Jon Arnold
By now you probably have heard about the “Internet of Things” and its potential to change how we live, play and work. Granted, it has become the most hyped buzz word replacing the Smart Grid and Big Data in my view.
10.29.2014Jon Arnold
One of the key messages that we routinely discuss in our executive briefings is how we have changed our vision as a company under CEO Satya Nadella.
10.13.2014Jon Arnold
Every customer briefing we conduct for Power and Utility companies has session on security. And rightfully so as the cyber world has become a dangerous place and the companies that operate the most critical of critical infrastructures must keep a vigilant eye to protect to our electric, gas and water systems from those that want to disrupt the very foundation of modern society.
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9.16.2014Jon C. Arnold
Last month we published guidance for IT Professionals looking to maximize the protection of their data using the tools and technologies available in the Azure platform and related services for encryption, access control and other aspects of data security. This paper, entitled “Protecting Data in Microsoft Azure” explores key areas that should be considered when using either the platform (PaaS), infrastructure (IaaS) or a hybrid database solution.
8.24.2014Jon Arnold
The ways in which people connect and the speed with which they communicate is faster than ever before. Social communication is nothing new on the personal level, with the sharing of news, images and status updates.
We at Microsoft were very excited last week when we found out that the Association for Computing Machinery (“ACM”) named Leslie Lamport, principal researcher at Microsoft Research Silicon Valley, as the recipient of the 2013 A.M. Turing Award.
Here’s a webcast on the intersection of sustainability and technology from a project implementation perspective that we are doing with our partner Schneider Electric. Please join us!
When I joined Microsoft to run its Power and Utilities business almost ten years ago I realized that one thing had to change if I was going to be successful. We had to make our software more secure by orders of magnitude. After all, my team and our partners are providing software to run the most critical of critical infrastructures and at the time confidence in our ability to provide software that was resilient against the escalating cyber anarchy seemed like an unattainable goal.
As you can probably tell, I love to tell stories about real life experiences. These days I find myself telling one about how my wife and I live the digital lifestyle to partners, customers and Microsoft employees
Yes, I know we are certifiable cloud crazy but you should take a look at this story from our global alliance partner Invensys concerning one of their water customers and why they deployed Invensys's Enterprise Historian in the cloud.
One of the conversations I routinely have with customers is about Office 365 which is our subscription-based online office and software plus services suite. In my conversations I always ask customers what business are they in.
No need to write a long introduction to this hot off the press case study. It’s just the tip of the iceberg on how Power BI is changing the way people turn data into actionable information
Today, we announced that Power BI for Office 365 – our self-service business intelligence solution designed for everyone – is generally available. We have written about the incredible power of Power BI in this blog before while in product preview. But now, Power BI is available and empowers all kinds of business users to find relevant information, pull data from Windows Azure and other sources, and prepare compelling business intelligence models for analysis, visualization, and collaboration
In yesterday’s Super Bowl (annual championship game of the National Football League, the highest level of professional American football in the United States) we decided to tell the story of how peoples’ lives can be changed through our technology. This one-minute ad celebrates what technology can do, and is narrated by Steve Gleason, former NFL player and post hurricane Katrina hero of the New Orleans Saints, now living with the disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).
The Microsoft Power & Utilities team, along with many account and partner teams, are in San Antonio Texas this week to attend the Electric Light & Power Executive Conference on 27 – 28 and DistribuTECH on ,28 – 30 January, 2014. We will be available to discuss Microsoft in Power and Utilities, including the smart energy reference architecture (SERA) and the work we are doing with ESRI, Intel, Motion Computing, OSIsoft and Schneider Electric. The team will also be able to jointly demonstrate our solutions with our partners in their booths, including Windows 8, Devices, BI, and Azure.
In our conversations with customers we routinely have a discussion about improving information access. With business truly moving @ the speed of thought and showing no signs of slowing we have to think differently about how we go about solving business problems and providing information access. It’s not surprising that in 1999, Bill Gates wrote "Business @ the Speed of Thought", a book that shows how computer technology can solve business problems in fundamentally new ways.
Last month I spent a week visiting customers and partners in the UK. December is always special in the UK, as it’s the week of the Utility Week Achievement Awards. I travel all over the world and I have never seen an event where the Electric, Gas and Water industries come together for what is often called the Christmas party" for the Utility industry in the UK.
The deployment of smart meters worldwide continues to accelerate and we have seen estimates of over 200 million being deployed by the end of 2014. It would probably be an understatement to call this the decade of the smart meter deployments but the question in my mind is whether we can call this the decade that smart meters deliver the promised business value.
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