On-Demand Webinar: The Senior Executive Dilemma: Linking Strategic Plans to Daily Execution

On-Demand Webinar: The Senior Executive Dilemma: Linking Strategic Plans to Daily ExecutionStart On-Demand Webinar Now

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Automotive suppliers have long relied on forecasting tools fueled by data from third party providers to develop long-range plans. Once developed, these strategic plans are often filed away until the next planning cycle, or worse, the plans are reviewed annually, with corrective action taken only after a full year of execution.

What if you could gauge progress against strategic plan goals as it happens, continuously leveraging updated forecast information as market conditions change?

During this webinar, Microsoft, with partners PowerObjects and Saphran Solutions, will discuss how automotive suppliers can turn this what if scenario into reality. Attend to discover solutions that will help your organization:

  • Understand how rolling objectives like revenue, market share, and profit margin perform against strategic plans across all functional areas
  • Continuously modify sales, production, inventory and other tactical plans by leveraging prescriptive indicators as market conditions change
  • Drill down at various levels of detail based on IHS forecast classifications, and customize variables for role-based views
  • Improve production scheduling, reduce inventory levels, and lower expedited shipping by integrating ERP ship history and short-term customer demand forecasts
  • Factor exchange rate and material cost forecasts into your own global revenue simulations
  • Provide access to this solution across the organization, and on a variety of mobile and desktop devices

This webinar is a must see for:

  • Divisional presidents/vps/general managers wanting to improve their ability to deliver on strategic plans
  • Senior finance executives seeking tighter integration and better visibility between strategic planning and tactical execution
  • Senior sales executives needing to understand changing market conditions and how to shift their sales plans to meet goals year over year
  • Senior production executives seeking to improve tactical operating performance while better positioning themselves for future production requirements