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Over the past few years, the marketing landscape has undergone massive change. Consumer choices of digital devices have proliferated. The need and desire to stay connected with family, friends, and community has rapidly grown. Increasingly, the customer experience of a brand is influenced by their web experience. CMOs see diminishing ROI from their investments in traditional media (Print, Radio, TV), but are struggling to master the proliferation and complexity of digital media. Today’s analytical marketers need to combine traditional creative marketing skills with technology and quantitative analysis.
It has become increasingly challenging for Marketers to attract, excite and engage customers through traditional media. The Digital Marketing Solution Area showcases Microsoft digital marketing platform’s capabilities to attract, excite and engage customers with differentiated but consistent brand experiences across digital media channels, and monetizing that experience through eCommerce, or advertising revenues.
Microsoft helps connect all the technologies that make up a successful marketing platform. When those technologies work together, marketing works better. Most marketers have invested significant time developing digital platforms. These complicated and evolving ecosystems include media properties, technology platforms, authoring tools, and the analytics software that helps make sense of it all.
Microsoft Digital Marketing solutions provide the foundation of a rich Business Web platform. The platform features Web Content Management (WCM), Enterprise Social Networking (for community building), customer engagement and experience elements, and tools to make money from digital assets. This helps organizations improve customer experiences and broaden their customer base by enabling them to effectively reach new customers and retain existing customers through multiple media channels while generating higher revenues from their digital assets.
Only Microsoft can deliver on all Discrete Manufacturer’s needs for web. SharePoint manages web content, search (and advanced Search with FAST), social computing, digital assets, and web analytics. For eCommerce, Commerce Server 2009 has deep integration with SharePoint and offers additional capabilities like product catalogs. Microsoft Ads helps monetize this content on the websites.
These solutions empower business users to get their jobs done, keeping content fresh, without having to rely on IT or know coding. IT leverages their investment in SharePoint and delivers flexibility to the business at a very low TCO.
Benefits to Microsoft’s Digital Media solutions allow Discrete Manufacturers to:
  • Attract and reach a wider audience
  • Retain customers by delivering rich experiences anywhere
  • Increase revenue by monetizing web assets
As a platform company, Microsoft provides the best tools in which to create Web, mobile, in-store and in-the-living room experiences:
  • Infrastructure to build, host and deploy all of these new types of applications
  • Tools to analyze business data coming from the businesses and through the Web
  • Tools to design and build applications both online and offline, PC, game console and mobile
  • Building apps and experiences that run on PC’s, Xbox’s, mobile phones and browsers
  • Getting a tailored message in front of the next customer through advertising solutions from Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions
Microsoft and its partners can support the entire team that is needed to support the business and its digital marketing platform including developers, designers, operations people, business people, and partners outside the firm.
Key Microsoft technologies supporting Digital Marketing:
Microsoft SharePoint offers businesses a full collaboration platform necessary to manage the content and workflow associated with effective digital marketing across the mix of mediums. SharePoint’s portal, collaboration, document management and business intelligence solutions help provide role-based access and real-time visibility to consolidated product and business information.
Windows Azure provides an open and flexible cloud platform with virtually unlimited compute and storage scale that enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage Digital Marketing applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. You can build applications using any language, tool or framework. And you can integrate your public cloud applications with your existing IT environment. It is ideally suited for situations where volumes are variable, and response levels unknown.
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 is a cloud-ready information platform that helps bring marketing, customer and product data together from virtually any source within an organization and enables breakthrough insights across the organization. It also supports simple ad hoc analysis and sophisticated predictive analytics, and is used to publish highly formatted and interactive reports integrated with familiar Office tools (Excel, PowerPivot) that make data easily accessible to a large number of people.
Windows 8 is Windows reimagined and reinvented from a solid core of Windows 7 speed and reliability. It's an all-new touch interface representing consumer expectations for online interactions. It's a new Windows for new devices.
Additionally Microsoft Advertising delivers rich digital marketing experiences across multiple devices help organizations build Brand awareness and Product positioning.




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