Power & Utilities

Microsoft's Viewpoint

Given today’s regulatory, environmental, and competitive landscape, utilities must strive to be dynamic and to take rapid action with agility and confidence. Utilities will need to jump on every opportunity to compete in a landscape where growing risks require businesses to move beyond transactions. With goals to achieve top customer service and sales performance, utilities are transforming to a value-driven organization. To achieve transformational goals, utilities need to be able to track customer activity with all utility touch points for sales, delivery and services; track the results of demand response marketing campaigns and tie those to marketing costs in order to optimize spend; and, offer innovative cross-sell and up-sell services – and deliver those opportunities to customer service and sales personnel in a timely manner. New technology solutions from Microsoft and Microsoft partners offer new solutions for transforming the customer experience, including solutions to analyze customer relationships, identify high-value segments, and target them with fine-tuned marketing campaigns. Embracing customer service excellence is essential in the journey to transform to a value-driven utility.