Power & Utilities

Microsoft's Smart Energy Reference Architecture

Microsoft has developed a reference architecture based on familiar, cost-effective Microsoft platforms that can serve as the basis for development of the “integrated utility of the future.” The Microsoft Smart Energy Reference Architecture (SERA) is Microsoft’s first comprehensive reference architecture that addresses technology integration throughout the full scope of the smart energy ecosystem. SERA has been endorsed by a number of global solutions providers whose energy industry solutions span the entire energy ecosystem — from the power grid to the home. SERA helps utilities by providing a method of testing the alignment of information technology with their business processes to create an integrated utility.

Energy Network Optimization

SERA permits an energy network to connect smart devices incorporating:
  • Flexible communications: Deployments can leverage a variety of communications paths and technologies and are easily reconfigured minimizing the time required to make new information available to users.
  • Smart connected devices: Intelligence is added to devices and they are connected to the communications network enabling both intelligent autonomous operation and visibility of the operation of the network.
  • Desktop, server, embedded and mobile operating systems: Operating systems (OS) can be effectively employed leveraging the right OS, at the right level, for the right role, with the right performance.
  • Application architecture: developers can focus on domain-specific functionality optimizing speed to market and the reliability of solutions.