Power & Utilities

Microsoft's Smart Energy Reference Architecture

Microsoft has developed a reference architecture based on familiar, cost-effective Microsoft platforms that can serve as the basis for development of the “integrated utility of the future.” The Microsoft Smart Energy Reference Architecture (SERA) is Microsoft’s first comprehensive reference architecture that addresses technology integration throughout the full scope of the smart energy ecosystem. SERA has been endorsed by a number of global solutions providers whose energy industry solutions span the entire energy ecosystem — from the power grid to the home. SERA helps utilities by providing a method of testing the alignment of information technology with their business processes to create an integrated utility.


SERA must enable interoperability in order for the ecosystem to develop in a cost effective manner considering:
  • Standards: with consistent industry-wide interfaces.
  • Published interfaces: for open industry use
  • Information models: to enable exchange of information throughout the enterprise.
  • User interfaces: consistent content in presentation of information and interaction with the user.
  • Components: well defined sets of functionality packaged for developer and integrator reuse.
  • Message formats: key construct of service-oriented architecture (SOA)
  • Interface definitions: all the elements of an interface so that applications can be independently developed to leverage the interface.
  • Communication protocols: to transfer information using the protocol definition.
  • Security: enable secure interoperable design and deployment.