Power & Utilities

Microsoft's Viewpoint

Microsoft and Microsoft partner solutions seek to offer utilities the data and information they need to comply with complex regulatory regimes. The solutions provide utilities with the opportunities available through taking an enterprise approach to compliance, one that captures the entire range of activities that comprise the organization's effort to meet or exceed regulatory performance requirements. To keep pace, utilities gain performance benefits from Microsoft partner solutions capable of handling time series data and real-time performance monitoring and exposing this information in ways that provides business insight and accelerated decision making. Utilities also benefit from the security features built into Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office programs, to automate manual processes for managing performance, compliance, responsibility, accountability and audit-readiness. Utilities can benefit from Microsoft approaches to leveraging existing systems. Moreover, our software is designed to work together. Cloud Computing and Software + Services models will enable utilities to have greater flexibility and agility to confront new business challenges. Microsoft embraces these requirements and its software vision enhances and extends utilities' technology investments - without requiring rip and replace of existing systems.