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The Microsoft in Retail blog discusses the challenges facing retailers and brands today, many of which we also share as a retailer, consumer goods company and a solution and technology provider. You’ll find posts from our Microsoft teams as well as from leaders in the industry. We welcome the conversation.

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12.3.2014Sahir Anand
I hate to say this but barring some retail segments, by most counts the retail industry stumbled during this year’s Black Friday weekend. While the jury is out on whether the industry can pull overall positive sales comp for the 2014 holiday season, consumers stand to benefit as there are plenty of deals to be had out there.
11.12.2014 Arthur Tindsley
As you will have seen from Owen Sagness’s blog ‘Collaboration between Microsoft and John Lewis sees ‘Monty’s Magical Toy Machine’ come to life’ in our latest venture, the Microsoft’s creative technologists (including myself), worked with John Lewis, Adam and Eve and Manning Gottlieb OMD to create Monty’s Magical Toy Machine, a breakthrough, immersive in-shop experience in the John Lewis flagship store on Oxford Street in London, bringing the iconic John Lewis Christmas campaign to life by enabling toys to come alive using a Kinect 2-enabled 3D interactive.
11.4.2014Rebecca Needham
Convergence 2014 Europe is this week in beautiful Barcelona! The Convergence 2014 agenda focuses on the opportunities for business leaders offered by the Microsoft Cloud for Business. Business applications that simplify and improve business processes are core to Microsoft’s effort to reimagine productivity.
10.24.2014Tracy Issel
At an event on Monday, October 20 Satya Nadella, CEO, and Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President, Cloud and Enterprise Group, Microsoft, talked Microsoft’s approach for delivering the most complete cloud across every business, industry and geography, which is essential in retail.
10.22.2014Shish Shridhar, Director for Business Intelligence Solutions
One of the interesting announcements that came out of Strata+Hadoop World last week was the new machine learning (ML) capabilities in the Azure Marketplace.
10.15.2014 Dave Rodgerson, Senior Industry Business Development Manager, Microsoft
It’s quite exciting when you think about how mobility has changed the customer experience. You can buy almost anything, from anywhere, any time of the day.
9.17.2014Jason Jefferys, CEO, iRiS Software Systems Ltd.
64% of hotels now offer free wireless Internet (WIFI) to guests, which has become one of the, if not the, most sought after amenity for hotel guests worldwide, whether traveling for business or leisure.
9.8.2014Sahir Anand
Over the past quarter, I attended the traditionally busy season of retail user and industry conferences. Each conference offered a unique set of retailer stories and perspectives on ways to solve retail industry’s growing problems with data and its’ myriad of marketed ways to solve these problems by harnessing ‘Big Data’.
8.25.2014Karl Redenbach
The Autumn 2014 issue of Speak magazine looks at how the internet of things will change the way market goods are bought and sold, and explores how Microsoft partner, OSC, helped Dixons Retail to transform the way its employees work together.
8.18.2014Tracy Issel
Tapping into the Internet of Things (IoT) mega-trend is becoming table stakes for businesses wanting to compete in virtually any industry. Retailers who want to maximize sales and optimize customer service need to equip sales staff to become brand and customer champions, optimize operations to meet customer expectations, offer interactive, differentiated in-store experiences—and much more.
8.12.2014Michael Taylor
I recently spoke with Speak Magazine’s Rebecca Gibson to discuss how Intel® processor-based tablets help to improve productivity in the mobile workforce. With the explosion of mobile workers and new devices available in market, now is a great time for retailers to consider taking advantage of new opportunities.
6.25.2014Shish Shridhar, Director for Business Intelligence Solutions
Retailers, today, have access to a variety of data sources that include social media, opendata, data generated by the internet of things.
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6.18.2014Sahir Anand VP Research & Principal Analyst EKN, An Edgell Communications Co.
Is the mobility and device revolution motivating or debilitating retailers in their quest to win consumer mindshare and walletshare?
5.21.2014Adrienne Hall, General Manager, Trustworthy Computing
IT departments at retail businesses are expected to manage a number of important security tasks, some of which have evolved considerably in recent years. This includes meeting regulatory requirements, such as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) specifications on protecting customer data, without diminishing the shopping experience in stores or online.
5.19.2014Brendan O’Meara, Worldwide Senior Managing Director for Retail and Consumer Goods, Microsoft EPG
It’s been a busy spring for our team and a busy few months for Microsoft as a company with a number of conferences including the Build 2014 developer conference, our SharePoint Conference and Microsoft Dynamics Convergence, and many new product developments released at these events.
3.3.2014Tracy Issel
Our industry team continues to take the pulse of the clients we serve including retail, consumer goods, hospitality, and travel. As part of our overall mission to bring industry-relevant business solutions to market we also listen and respond to client inquiries on various hot topics.
2.26.2014Shish Shridhar
The world of data is changing and retailers are challenged by the increasing scale, complexity and velocity of data. The past few decades have seen exponential growth in computing and storage: driven by Moore's Law, computing power has increased dramatically, making the modern laptop more powerful than a supercomputer from 1980s.
2.5.2014Colin Masson
A few months ago we brought together retail and consumer goods companies in Grocery in "Reimagining Retail Execution with Windows 8.1 Tablets," where there was tangible excitement about the prospect of then yet to be released Windows 8.1 tablets and peripherals that could meet the varied and exacting needs of in-store managers, associates and merchants
2.5.2014Brad Anderson
Throughout this series I’ve taken a close look at the definition of a Hybrid Cloud, our perspective on why a Hybrid environment is so valuable, and a piece-by-piece look at the solutions and tools that constitute a Hybrid Cloud. All of this was followed by an equally detailed look at how to plan, build, deploy, operate, and save money with a Hybrid Cloud. With this foundation in mind, now I want to show how the Hybrid Cloud can go to work.
2.4.2014Brendan O'Meara
There are few topics that are more top of mind in Retail than mobile devices. On the heels of the National Retail Federation Big Show in New York, the industry is abuzz with talk about how tablets and handheld devices are reaching a tipping point in the Retail industry.
1.10.2014the Power BI team at Microsoft
With the holiday shopping craziness over, we wanted to use Power BI to analyze the last 5 years of research around Black Friday and Cyber Monday including spending, new trends in online shopping and the use of different devices.
1.7.2014Shish Shridhar
I came across a fascinating blog post by Stephen Wolfram on the launch of the Wolfram Connected Devices Project. The media is abuzz with news about everyday devices having the capability of collecting data and communicating with other devices via the internet.
1.6.2014Shish Shridhar
Once again, this year, we will be at the NRF Big Show with some amazing Retail Solutions and Partners. New York will once again be THE place to be when the National Retail Federation’s BIG Show comes to town from January 13 - 14, 2014.
1.4.2014Shish Shridhar
The Expedia Affiliate Network is an excellent source of Hotel information and has REST API’s that you can use in Excel 2013 via Power Query. You can register for an account via
1.2.2014Shish Shridhar
A walkthrough of some of the research I did over the weekend on how to use Real Time Data in Excel. I used Power Query to acquire real time airport data from FlightStats, Inc..
12.30.2013Shish Shridhar
I have been curious about handling real-time flight data using Excel. One of the scenarios of interest in the Airline world is realtime data about flights, airports & delays. has real-time data available on their site and interestingly also have an API that can be accessed using a developer account.
12.30.2013Shish Shridhar
I have been curious about handling real-time flight data using Excel. One of the scenarios of interest in the Airline world is realtime data about flights, airports & delays. has real-time data available on their site and interestingly also have an API that can be accessed using a developer account.
12.8.2013Shish Shridhar
This is the time of year when airline travel is peaking and I was intrigued by the data visualization provided by FlightAware called the Misery Map. I love the real time nature of the data and the weather patterns that overlay the geospatial visualization.
11.20.2013Christian Johanneson
Digital retail marketing, online shopping experiences and in-store interactive are changing the way people shop. It is no longer enough to create great merchandising experiences online and in-store.
11.20.2013Colin Masson
Research from Microsoft Advertising's Consumer Insights team, shows that many of us research brands and prices on our (largely) digital path to purchase on PCs and tablets, and armed with our smartphone, we as shoppers are often better informed than the retail store associate.
11.15.2013Shish Shridhar
I have been experimenting with the Bing Ads Intelligence Addin for Excel lately and find that in addition to Keyword analysis for SEO, it can also provide excellent insights into customer trends and demographics.
11.8.2013Shish Shridhar
Bing Ads Intelligence is an Excel add-in that helps you perform sophisticated keyword research and observe keyword performance on the Yahoo! Bing Network. You can install the Addin via this LINK.
11.5.2013Vic Miles
The retail industry has been in the midst of a paradigm change. The industry is not known for making these shifts quickly and without clear impact on sales increases.
8.22.2013Shish Shridhar
Thanks to Tina Munro, I had the unique opportunity of speaking at The Upstairs in downtown Seattle. The setting was interesting as it was in a homey Belltown bar. The talk was on something that fascinates me: finding unique combinations of data from multiple public sources and determining correlations and patterns hidden within.
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