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Big Data solutions turn massive amounts of consumer and operational data into profitable insights and actions through relational and non-relational approaches and visualization.
Solutions for connected insight deliver real-time, role-specific information that will help your people exceed guest expectations and to boost the bottom line. These solutions provide individuals, teams, and organizations a comprehensive view of all guest information - such as preferences, behavior, customer satisfaction data - in an easily accessible format that supports timely and effective decisions and actions. The full range of business intelligence tools can be integrated into the workflow of existing, familiar business applications and processes, thus allowing a more immediate realization of insights and actions for positive changes across the entire enterprise.
  • Business intelligence for everyone. The power of Big Data is delivered in a single interface to each team member according to job role and data needs. Customized interactive dashboards show business information from disparate sources in one aggregate view through clear, interactive graphics that help provide actionable insights.
  • Familiar user experience. Microsoft Office provides a familiar, easy-to-use interface for accessing comprehensive desktop data mining. The familiar user interface speeds end-user adoption, quickly improving employee access to information, on desktop, browser, or mobile device.



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