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Deskless Productivity

Companies are constantly looking to get the highest level of productivity from their workforce that sits on the front line of customer service and sales, and that constitutes their single largest controllable expense. However, without PCs, “deskless” workers such as store employees have been underserved by modern productivity solutions, leading to the persistence of scores of manual procedures that are implemented at high cost, take sales staff away from customers, hamper the agility of the organization, cannot be readily tracked and audited, and result in poor customer service.

The Deskless Productivity solution addresses that issue. With the advent of cloud-based productivity solutions that can be accessed from mobile devices, from browsers at home, and from shared PC workstations in stores, “deskless” workers can now benefit from the advantages of modern productivity solutions that save time, save money, increase sales readiness, and improve compliance.

Addressing the need for internal information and training is very important, but this solution also has a second element and that is to provide customers with better, more accurate and more personal service. An example of this is clientelling which is know the shopper and selling them in personal manner. This happened naturally in the early days of modern retailing where staff knew all their loyal customers. Now with automated clientelling, the sales staff can be empowered to provide the same type of intimate retail experience by leveraging shopping assistance tools on mobile table (tablet?) devices that enhance the sales process right on the sales floor.

  • Clienteling – Customer Expert - Increase Service, Basket and Conversion
  • Assisted Selling – Product Expert - Increase Service, Basket and Conversion
  • Store Portal - Increase readiness and compliance
  • Mobile Manager Productivity - “Heads-up” productivity on the go
  • Hybrid Cloud/Big Data – Insights into Action




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