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Every brand has a story to tell… and with digital, there has never been a better or more ways to tell it. As consumers embrace new technology, this opens new ways for brands to interact and engage audiences, often becoming a conversation rather than a one-way dialogue. The combination of media and technology drives the creation of better, more personal experiences, by using analytics to understand what’s working and tools to manage and target digital advertising. Microsoft can help companies use the Internet, digital advertising and social media to drive and measure business results.

Microsoft can provide new approaches to increase brand loyalty, retain existing customers, reach new customers and monetize digital assets to generate higher revenues. With a focus on Experiences, Integrated Marketing Management and Actionable Analytics, built on the Microsoft platform, we can help companies to develop compelling experiences that use both on-premise and cloud assets to provide Marketing Optimization solutions.

Omni Channel Experiences relates to the experiences that a retailer or consumer goods company creates to interact with the consumer, whether that is done through the web, mobile, digital displays, gaming consoles, kiosks, etc. These are all digital touch-points that must have a consistent and relevant experience for the end consumer.

Integrated Marketing Management relates to those solutions that are leveraged to create and measure the return of the offerings/product to the end consumer.

  • Digital Campaign Management - Increase Campaign Efficacy
  • Integrated Marketing Management - Measure Marketing ROI Across Channels
  • Targeted Digital Offers - Increase POP Conversion
  • Consumer Insights - Increase Customer Lifetime Value
  • Intelligent Solutions for Consumers - Engage, Capture, and Target => Convert
  • Universal Wish List - Engage, Capture, and Target => Convert
  • Cloud/Big Data - One View of the Customer




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