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Microsoft in Telecommunication blog explores the current opportunities and challenges communication service providers (CSPs) are facing in today’s constantly connected society. Engage in conversation with industry leaders as we discuss solutions to overcoming industry obstacles.

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6.22.2015Rikke Helms, Managing Director, Worldwide Telecommunications Industry, Microsoft
Earlier this year, I was asked to participate as a panel speaker in the Women in the Digital World Networking Lunch at the TM Forum Live in Nice. During my career in the industry over the past 30 years (hush) – the topic of attracting women of all age groups and races has been a big issue.
6.17.2015Rick Lievano, Director, Technology Strategy, Microsoft Communications & Media
There’s no better place to reflect on the latest B/OSS, cloud-computing, and Network Function Virtualization trends than the sunny, pebble rich beaches of Nice. Once again the TM Forum Live! event has taken the Côte d’Azur by storm, with over 2700 industry attendees ready to share best practices, success stories, and effective strategies for transforming the telecommunications business.
5.18.2015Johan Norvik, Director of Business Development, Communications Industry, Microsoft
On May 5, I had the pleasure to host Andrew Dascombe, Head of Enterprise Mobility at Telefónica Global Technologies and ask him questions about how Telefónica is enabling and transforming the communications and collaboration experience for its employees. The new collaboration environment relies on Microsoft Office 365 and Yammer and it is the next step in bringing Telefónica’s global workforce to the forefront of seamless communication and collaboration.
5.11.2015Geoff Coles, Data and Analytics Solution Architect and Manager, Avanade
Over the past few years Skype has given its internal business intelligence platform a complete makeover as part of a program to foster a data insight driven business culture. They perfected the incoming data pipeline and built a cloud-powered analytics solution that showcases the best of Microsoft software, capable of scaling to hundreds of petabytes.
4.27.2015Francis Dropik, Global Campaign Manager, ClickSoftware
One could argue that no other industry has seen the rapid development that telecommunications has experienced since the 1990s. It has exploded exponentially in terms of the range of service offerings and in how much we all rely on the technology.
4.13.2015Connie Dean, Director Audience Marketing, Communications & Media Industry, Microsoft
With more than 130,000 employees in 24 countries, Telefónica is enabling and transforming the employee experience related to collaboration, providing a much faster, intuitive way with a seamless cloud-based digital integrated experience.
4.8.2015Eric Troup, CTO, Communications and Media
The Telecommunications industry is entering a new period of major transformation. Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) bring cloud computing to Communications Service Provider networks and distributed computing to Digital Service Providers.
2.12.2015Johan Norvik, Director of Business Development, Communications Industry, Microsoft
The highly competitive telecommunications industry is undergoing rapid changes in its traditional operating model and customer experience management has become critical to success. Communications Service Providers (CSPs) view customer experience management as a key differentiator, central to their strategy to improve customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention, and drive new revenue streams.
2.2.2015Johan Norvik, Director of Business Development, Communications Industry, Microsoft
Increased competition and fast changes in technologies have made customer satisfaction an extremely important KPI for Communications Service Providers (CSP).
1.20.2015Rene Sotola, Vice President, Consulting Services, CGI
This year’s CES show featured a large number of IoT products. A recent survey results show that enterprise IoT may be growing even faster.
12.17.2014Rick Lievano, Worldwide Director of Industry Technology Strategy for the Microsoft Telecommunications Sector
The Microsoft Communications & Media team just wrapped up a busy week at the TM Forum Digital Disruption 2014 event in (mostly) sunny San Jose, CA.
6.10.2014Rick Lievano, Worldwide Director of Industry Technology Strategy for the Microsoft Telecommunications Sector
We’re at TM Forum Live! in Nice, France this week talking about topical issues of interest to Telcos who are reinventing their businesses to become digital service providers—among them, big data.
6.10.2014Jim DeMarco, Chief Technology Officer, Redknee
I find it appropriate that the title of this year’s Telemanagement Forum in Nice, France is “TM Forum Live!” It’s not because previous ones were dead, I assure you. Rather, it’s that everything in telecommunications has gone live-time. Long-planned, carefully scripted marketing campaigns and customer business operations for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) have become irrelevant thanks to smart devices, consumers who are constantly online, and information that is easily accessed over the Internet. We live in a rapidly changing world where human beings are constantly connected: in command, informed, social, and always on. Fundamentally, customers have gone live, and CSPs need to catch up to this pace.
5.5.2014Bonnie Jeanne Maher, Director, WW Telecommunications Industry, Microsoft Corporation
We aren’t doing this alone; we are working with partners and empowering customers to use the Azure cloud as a simple extension of their existing datacenters. This means customers can enjoy the benefits of higher security and improved economics as they extend their private networks to Azure.
3.31.2014Eric G. Troup
“Digital Transformation” is a term often applied to the telecommunications industry today. Traditional telecom lines of business have been experiencing declining margins in the face of fierce competition, market saturation and commoditization. At the same time, disruptive ‘over the top’ alternatives have held global telecom revenues flat in 2013 at about $1.7 Trillion worldwide…
1.21.2014Bonnie Jeanne Maher
The start of the New Year has brought the usual slate of annual predictions on what’s hot now, what’s new and what’s next for the industry. Mobile, cloud, social and big data technologies continue to be key catalysts driving change and innovation and transforming the way we communicate, create and access information…
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