Data-driven insights

Big Data is one of several important trends because information, and its use, are fast becoming the currency for business growth. Through the strategic use of information, businesses can innovate quicker, acquire and retain customers, lower operational costs and drive growth.

Big Data also offers the path to insight and competitive advantage through effective information and data management – and there’s a lot of data out there to manage. The amount of data is expected to reach a staggering 5,247 gigabytes per person by 2020. Put in physical terms, there are twice as many bytes of data in the world than liters of water in our oceans. Further fueling the proliferation of data are the increases in new devices and sensors as well as declining hardware costs.

At Microsoft, our goal is to bring Big Data insights to a billion people through secure, scalable and easy- to-use enterprise-class tools. Our approach to Big Data enables businesses to connect their own data with external data sources that are both structured and unstructured. By connecting with the world’s data, businesses can expand the scope of their own information and validate internal insights.

We will share more about Microsoft’s data platform strategy and approach at an event in San Francisco on April 15. Feel free to join us by listening to a live stream of the event.

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