Hortonworks and Microsoft Partnership

    Hortonworks and Microsoft Partnership

Last February we shared Microsoft’s progress on Big Data, specifically working to bring Hadoop to the masses through the simplicity and manageability of Windows and enabling customers to easily derive insights from their structured and unstructured data through familiar tools like Excel.

Hortonworks is recognized as a pioneer in the Hadoop community, and that’s why we’re excited to announce our expanded partnership, making Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) the core of our Hadoop solution on Windows and Windows Azure. This is consistent with our commitment to openness and flexibility, ensuring that our customers can build on the industry’s only data platform with 100% compatibility with Apache Hadoop that runs on Windows Server, Windows Azure and Linux.

Enterprises reap the following benefits with Hadoop on Windows:

  • Insights to all users from all data: analyze both structured and unstructured data with familiar, award-winning Microsoft BI tools such as PowerPivot and Power View.
  • Enterprise-ready Hadoop based on HDP: offering the most reliable Hadoop distribution available. The Windows Server and Windows Azure HDP distributions offer tighter security through integration with Active Directory, ease of management through System Center integration, and built-in high availability. Additionally, .NET and JavaScript frameworks help to reduce development costs by enabling your existing .NET and JavaScript developers to write and deploy MapReduce jobs.
  • Simplicity of Windows for Hadoop: offering simplified setup and provisioning. With Hadoop on Windows Azure, a multi-node Hadoop cluster can be setup in just 10 minutes! Additionally, System Center integration enables management of Hadoop clusters, databases, applications and other IT assets through a single management console.
  • Extend your data warehouse with Hadoop: Microsoft enables customers to extend their Enterprise Data Warehouses with Hadoop connectors for SQL Server and Parallel Data Warehouse appliance. Hortonworks HCatalog provides SQL-like language access to Hadoop so that customers can enrich their analysis by including insights from Hadoop environments into their Enterprise Data Warehouse and BI systems.
  • Seamless Scale and Elasticity of the Cloud: Microsoft and Hortonworks offer HDP both in the cloud and on-premise, with seamless migration across the two environments based on your needs. The cloud service offers elastic scalability, a simplified deployment and management experience and a low-cost way to experiment with Hadoop.

This is a very exciting milestone, and we hope you’ll join us for the ride as we continue working to bring big data to the masses!

Learn more at http://microsoft.com/bigdata?WT.z_evt=OutBoundClick