Trading Platform of the Future: A Microsoft Industry Perspective for Capital Markets

The capital markets industry is at an inflection point, as the unsettled landscape presents nearly unprecedented risks and also rapidly evolving growth opportunities.
Fortunately, technology evolution is accelerating and maturing to more quickly unlock business innovation. To stay on the competitive edge, now is a critical and opportune time to consider enhancing IT strategies for key business capabilities to attract and retain customers, improve trader efficiency and effectiveness, drive deep customer and business insights into real-time market data, and manage enterprise risk and support in mission-critical operations.
At Microsoft, we work with some of the most sophisticated companies in the industry, envisioning the future technology-related capabilities and solutions they will need to meet these shifting market conditions. Microsoft’s vision for capital markets trading platforms is focused on optimizing the effectiveness of traders in five areas:
  • Prediction, research, data sourcing and best execution efficiency
  • Trading desktop: hardware and applications
  • Collaboration for customer-centric service
  • Client information and interaction
  • Product/service development and distribution
There are proven and repeatable technology investment patterns that help capital markets firms improve and streamline information flow in each of these areas. Microsoft uses well-honed techniques to design systems, and help integrate solutions for greater productivity, better cross-organizational collaboration, and improved customer experiences that grow market share while expanding transaction revenue.
This paper is intended for business and technology leaders at capital markets firms. It discusses the key challenges of existing trading platforms, formulating the right trading platform strategies, identifying and implementing solutions, how to accelerate technology initiative planning, optimize return on investments, and Microsoft’s value proposition to the capital markets sector.