Money Changes Everything: Generate Revenue by Leveraging Technology for Strategic Differentiation

Where is revenue being generated in your company today? Where else and how can new revenue streams be created?

Most private-sector enterprises are focused on growth when deciding their product and market strategy, and how to overcome some of their key business problems, such as; being in a single shrinking market where their product and/or service is not transferable to another market, their product or service is saturated and maxed out on market share within their existing product and service category, trying to rebirth after a market collapse with limited resources, having a lack of diversification and ability to find new ways of winning customers and to take advantage of new technology and delivery innovations. Forcing critical decisions on whether the business should market new or existing products in new or existing markets, leverage revenue generating assets, and strengthen competitive pricing. CIOs are continually being pressured to drive technology innovation and to leverage technology as a business opportunity, by delivering revenue and profit generated from technology products and services.

Business and Technology leaders have opportunities in three realms to contribute to revenue growth:

  • Identify and understand the drivers of business value such as revenue growth, operating margin, asset efficiency and the target goals and expectations of the company, how to operate the business in ways that improve the drivers of business value, prioritize and deliver on project and asset investments that drive business value. Validating business models and determine which business, people and technology capabilities are most critical to competitiveness and profitability. Capitalize on assets that are generating cash today by developing and protecting intellectual capital, divesture and reinvestment, improve returns on cash and treasury funds. Strengthen pricing to be more competitive across customer segments through converting free services to fee based services and increase use of promotions. Enhance existing and/or develop new competencies, products and services into existing and/or new markets. Market penetration and development to help attract and retain existing and new customers.
  • Understand the differentiating role technology plays in enabling revenue growth strategies by identifying where technology can improve and/or create new capabilities to help grow revenue and improve the productivity of operations and assets. Through effective architectures, technologies, and focused investments, such as:
    • Cloud ubiquitous connectivity and data storage with attractive economics is providing a platform that is driving innovation and business transformation.
    • Natural User Interfaces using natural ways for people to interact with technologies make it easier to learn how to operate them. Facilitating the use of future computer paradigms by keeping the human user in mind.
    • Social Enterprise enables collaboration and communication using social tools, ultimately helping businesses be more competitive by allowing people to work in a familiar way, accelerating productivity and innovation, whilst using customer management tools, search and advertisement solutions to help better monetize business opportunities.
    • Mobility any device anywhere and embracing diverse work styles by supporting devices and building apps to support your business.
    • Big Data making your data an organizational asset by turning information into insight that drives business impact.
  • Find the future by focusing on the future drivers of business value by helping the business decide on their product and market growth strategy, whether it markets new or existing products in new or existing markets. Prioritizing and investing in areas most likely to generate new revenue streams.

One approach to helping accelerate revenue growth and some of the key building blocks to making it happen

Where am I today? Where do I need to get to? What are the key tactics to get there?

Microsoft’s Enterprise strategy program is focused on how helping customers accelerate towards their revenue growth goals by leveraging technology and effective alignment to business key performance indicators for strategic differentiation. Developing the strategic building blocks, tactics and roadmap to desired state, to achieve optimal business results.

Microsoft is expert at undertaking complex challenges and bringing clarity to define simple, elegant and valuable solutions, through proven multi-disciplinary approach, removal of inefficiencies and costly rework of sequential research and analysis models. We use unique insight and experience with an unparalleled technology portfolio. Learn more by visiting the Enterprise Strategy Program website or email to speak to us directly.