Total Economic Impact of Windows Tablets in Retail

There are few topics that are more top of mind in Retail than mobile devices. On the heels of the National Retail Federation Big Show in New York, the industry is abuzz with talk about how tablets and handheld devices are reaching a tipping point in the Retail industry. And for good reason. With mounting competitive pressure from online, Retailers are looking for ways to better serve customers in stores, while also improving their bottom line. Mobile devices offer the promise of enabling store employees to better serve customers through access to rich data content about products and customers, while also enabling them to be more efficient and productive with their time. But do these investments pay off, and is now really the time to finally make the move? And if so, what are the benefits of using a Windows-based tablet vs. consumer grade devices like iOS or Android.
To help answer this question, Microsoft commissioned Forrester to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study to examine the potential return on investment (ROI) retail organizations or divisions may realize by deploying and using Windows tablet devices for assisted selling and related functions. Although there are other uses for tablet devices in Retail, we have found Assisted Selling to be a primary scenario for many retailers – especially in Department Stores, Specialty Retail, and select departments within Mass Merchandise and Grocery. And typically these are the areas that are most threatened by online competition, and where retailers are looking to respond with greater employee empowerment.
Although we expected certain findings – such as that Windows devices would excel in productivity tasks and would cost less to manage and secure, we also discovered some interesting benefit in the areas of device purchase costs and improved sales performance. Most notably, the study found that salespeople with mobile devices on average had 50% greater sales performance compared to those without the devices. Certainly this finding alone makes it worthwhile for any retailer to evaluate the potential benefits of Windows tablet devices in their organization!

Download the Forrester TEI Study for Retail.
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