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  • “Hitting 3 Birds With One Stone”
    1.4.2013 Gavin Williams
    “Hitting 3 Birds With One Stone”
    How Cloud Decisions are moving from a Technical Specialism to a more Strategic Business One.One of the reasons I enjoy my role at Avanade is because I get to have discussions with major customers around how disruptive technology shifts, (such as cloud), will make a difference to their business and IT strategies. However, it is quite rare for a customer to deal with these trends in isolation. Increasingly, they are being seen as converging and tightly coupled, to such an extent that treating one on its own can often lead to a charged discussion even on the definition of the term.
  • A Day In The Microsoft Cloud
    9.24.2012 Microsoft Enterprise Team
    A Day In The Microsoft Cloud
    Global Foundation Services (GFS) is the engine that powers Microsoft's cloud services. They focus on smart growth, high reliability, operational excellence, cost-effectiveness, environmental sustainability, a...
  • The Cloud - Unlocking New Enterprise Paradigms
    8.13.2012 Microsoft Enterprise Team
    The Cloud - Unlocking New Enterprise Paradigms
    The late 90’s saw the advent of online presence. Enterprises started realizing greater opportunities beyond the traditional brick-and-mortar business model. The millennium saw the momentum shift to "as-a-service" models. Organizations built business by leveraging innovative business models, low cost to entry and unbridled entrepreneurial spirit. Traditional powerhouses realized the sway in momentum albeit a little lately and in the process lost some ground. The cloud provides yet another such scenario and opportunity...
  • 2.22.2014 Microsoft Enterprise team
    What the whole world is watching
    The cloud story you were a part of—and didn’t know it.
  • 2.21.2014 Gavin Williams
    Three for the price of one
    How cloud platform has moved from technical specialism to ubiquitous strategy.
  • 2.20.2014 Microsoft Enterprise team
    Why cloud + network = powerful
    What happens when companies join forces?
  • 2.18.2014 Microsoft Enterprise team
    A day in the clouds
    Discover the secrets of how Microsoft runs its own cloud platform.
  • 2.18.2014 Microsoft Enterprise team
    What we see in the cloud
    Our vision on the transformative power of cloud platform.
  • 2.12.2014 Microsoft Enterprise team
    Visit our Cloud
    Get the VIP tour of the Microsoft datacenters.
  • 11.9.2013 Prime Magazine - Autumn 2013
    The Bigger Picture
    Amber Stokes finds out how key IT trends are helping to give manufacturers complete visibility into their supply chains.