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  • Turning Chaos into Cash
    5.10.2013 Roy Sharples
    Turning Chaos into Cash
    How is technology being used in your organization to better enable business growth through the creation and realization of new business models and revenue streams? How is innovation being managed from envisioning, incubating and bringing to market new products, services and experiences profitably? Innovation has moved from the periphery of many corporate agendas to become the core element for strategic growth. Many businesses are looking to better industrialize the creation of wealth through creative business practice coupled with the organizational capability and capacity to execute...
  • Strategy is Innovation
    6.25.2012 Microsoft Enterprise Team
    Strategy is Innovation
    Vijay Govindarajan, the bestselling author of Reverse Innovation and professor at Dartmouth College's Tuck School of Business, and keynote speaker at Microsoft's Global High Tech Summit share...
  • CIO and CMO: Closer Than Ever Before
    11.28.2011 Office of the CIO
    CIO and CMO: Closer Than Ever Before
    I travel the globe speaking with a lot of CIOs, sharing best practices and learning what’s new. They tell me there has been a change in the importance of their relationship with the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Today’s consumers want real-time access to companies. They want a rich dialog and immediate access to products and services. And they want this primarily online. This ‘digitization of business’ creates new dependencies at all levels of an organization. CIOs are no longer hidden deep within the infrastructure of an organization. We are more visible in the Board Room and are becoming an important consideration in how a company interacts with its customers...
  • Microsoft on Innovation: Support Organizational Performance
    10.25.2011 Paula Klein
    Microsoft on Innovation: Support Organizational Performance
    A company’s strong performance today is no guarantee of longevity: companies that survive and prosper in the long term continually adapt, evolve, and reinvent themselves to stay relevant in the changing marketplace. Microsoft corporate vice president and CIO, Office of the CIO says that "successful innovation is more than just invention. True innovation must also support organizational performance, either by directly contributing to revenue growth or by delivering new efficiencies that help improve a business’s competitiveness."
  • 7.22.2012 Office of the CIO
    How the Modern CIO Shifts from Infrastructure Optimization to Innovation
    This trends report addresses several questions commonly asked by enterprises: How quickly will I be able to move elements of my technology infrastructure to the cloud to address innova...
  • 7.19.2012 Microsoft Enterprise Team
    Strong Union Technology Brings Mobile Banking to Millions
    Many large banks in China were looking to add new services for their commercial customers. Strong Union Technology developed a mobile banking solution that uses Windows Embedded Standard to create kio...
  • 7.19.2012 Research
    Visualizing the History of Everything
    ChronoZoom is an open-source community project dedicated to visualizing the history of everything. Big History is the attempt to understand, in a unified, interdisciplinary way, the history of cosmos, Eart...
  • 6.24.2012 Microsoft Enterprise Team
    Interfacing Innovation
    Emerging technologies in the areas of the cloud, big data, mobility, social computing, and natural user interfaces (NUI) present new opportunities for companies t...
  • 6.24.2012 Office of the CIO
    The CIO’s Role in Innovation
    Office of the CIO, Microsoft’s CIO shares his perspective on the role that the CIO and IT plays in Innovation.
  • 4.8.2012 Suzi LeVine
    The Imagine Cup U.S. Finals This Weekend!
    For college basketball players, it’s the NCAA Tournament. For aspiring pop stars, it’s American Idol. But for tech students, there’s no bigger challenge than the Imagine Cup.