New World of Social Collaboration

Today we are witnessing fundamental shifts in enterprises and societies. Four computing megatrends— cloud computing, the proliferation of mobile devices, Big Data, and pervasive social features in applications—are increasing employee engagement, improving team collaboration, and enhancing business agility. These trends facilitate new work scenarios in which it’s easier than ever for workers to collaborate to do their work. The business and IT benefits of these trends are concrete, measurable, and significant, and they’re driving the next generation of enterprise computing.
Microsoft has a complete, deeply integrated set of enabling technologies that can help your organization get the most out of social collaboration. Download this paper which includes four example scenarios that highlight these enabling technologies and show how to use them in a virtual, distributed workplace to share knowledge, get connected, work together, and enhance learning. These examples relate a day in the life of four people who use technologies that cater to different communication styles and let people rapidly shift between them as their needs change.
At Microsoft, we use our own collaboration tools and technologies to complete significant work. This paper is an example. An ad hoc group of about 70 people distributed globally across Microsoft used social collaboration technologies and gamification techniques to create this paper.