Telefonica O2 Yammer Case Study

"Yammer has been a great way for our teams to share ideas and solve problems across the business. By giving our people a platform to have open conversations, we've seen more ideas being suggested and problems solved faster."

Derek McManus - COO, O2



O2's internal communications traditionally took the form of topdown emails from the communications team and blog posts from executives. Looking for cutting edge tools that would allow groundup communication and innovation, O2 began exploring enterprise social networking in 2009. Now, Yammer "connects the dots" in O2, enabling greater operational efficiency and more innovation. Greater operational efficiency allows O2 to provide better customer service, making more customers happy.



Before embracing Yammer, O2 operated with a traditional communications system made up of three components: email, phone, and a company intranet that incorporated a basic blogging tool. Company-wide communication was generally top down, taking the form of emails from the communications team and blog posts from executives. The need for a tool to allow employees to share thoughts across the company in real time became increasingly clear. Starting in June of 2009, O2's Yammer network has grown completely organically across departments to 5,500 members, half of O2's staff. Employees are incredibly excited about the tool and the value it provides the company, regularly adding the topic #YammerHelpedMe to their posts.

Results & Benefits


O2 customer service representatives are able to provide faster, more accurate customer service because Yammer has helped streamline O2's internal customer service processes. Many customer service team leaders are on Yammer, serving as information-sharing nodes for the entire customer service team. When customer service reps come up against new and complicated problems, they can alert their team leads, who post the questions to O2's Yammer network. Within minutes, the team leads get weigh-in from other customer service team leads, the Networks Team, the Devices Team, and the IT organization. With each relevant party represented on these Yammer threads, a solution or plan of action is regularly delivered within an hour of collaborating together. When a solution is reached, customer service team leads disperse the information back to the customer-facing reps, who can promptly relay the solutions to O2's customers. Because of this streamlined process, customers get help faster and internal parties save enormous amounts of time and effort.

O2 uses an idea suggestions tool called O2 Crowd that lets people from around the business submit their ideas to help solve company challenges. When support reps began getting thousands of tickets about a specific Blackberry feature, one of the reps posted her idea to help resolve the issue to O2 Crowd. Rather than waiting a week or so for the idea to go through the normal vetting process, she posted to Yammer “I just submitted this idea to O2 Crowd – what do you think?” Within a day, she had the Networks, Devices and IT teams working to make the idea a reality. As a result, her idea to text helpful instructions to Blackberry users on how to solve the problem was implemented within a day, and the support team saved themselves thousands of help tickets.


Yammer allows new O2 employees to quickly integrate into the company and feel part of the community. A big part of joining a new large enterprise is learning lots of new names, quickly. Yammer has been incredibly helpful in this regard, giving new employees a study guide of new faces and names, especially when broken down into Yammer group directories. Beyond getting to know their new coworkers, new O2 hires can get quick answers to their questions around a variety of topics like policies, resources, and technical systems. A recent graduate at O2 describes the way Yammer helped him ramp up quickly: "I joined O2 about two months ago. When I first arrived I was just astonished at how huge the corporation is. I was lost in internal processes, I didn't know who to talk to, and a couple of weeks later I joined Yammer. Within seconds, I discovered that the information was at my fingertips. I could access it instantly, I could ask the crowd a question, and I could see people's names and match them to their faces. Yammer was useful all around."


In addition to reducing the number of customer help tickets, Yammer has decreased the number of internal IT tickets at O2. The #YammerHelpedMe Topic has become very popular for threads where someone is able to resolve an IT issue in a short period of time. One person posted about an issue he was having with Microsoft Outlook's autocomplete functionality. Within two hours, he had a solution from a non-IT coworker that had troubleshooted the problem himself. Another employee was having trouble setting up SharePoint shortcuts in her Windows 7 environment, and described her issue on Yammer. Over the course of a day, coworkers from her department and IT weighed in and came to a solution collaboratively by the next morning. In all of these cases, the original poster happily added the #YammerHelpedMe Topic to the thread, exemplifying the type of helpful conversations that go on within O2's Yammer network on a daily basis.


To reach more employees with Yammer, O2 is rolling out Yammer's SharePoint integration, allowing employees to connect via Yammer feeds dropped into SharePoint pages. Not only does this extend the reach of Yammer, it integrates it into SharePoint's document sharing and search functionalities. Like Yammer, SharePoint is used widely across the company, so to turn the two knowledge bases into one was an obvious choice. O2 will also implement Yammer's AD sync tool to streamline the administration of network membership.

O2's Yammer administrators have gained significant insight from their Customer Success Manager (CSM), who has helped the team maximize the value of their network. O2's CSM has provided training materials and services, best practices for maximizing business value, and lessons learned from other successful Yammer customers. On the whole, O2's CSM has been a helpful consultant and guide for the company as they explore the new world of enterprise social networking.

Perhaps most important for O2 was having granular control over network security. Because O2 deals with highly confidential intellectual property, the company performs regular security audits of all business tools. For this reason, features like enforcing password complexity rules and requiring regular password changes have been crucial.


Yammer is an enterprise social network that transforms organizational communication and collaboration among employees, customers, partners and suppliers. More than 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies are using Yammer's award-winning Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution to break down silos, drive organizational alignment, increase agility and improve decision making.