Westfield Group Uses Social Media to Boost Teamwork

Westfield Group Uses Social Media to Boost Teamworkplay-button
The Westfield Group owns and operates more than 100 shopping centers across Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Brazil. It manages all aspects of shopping-center development, from design and construction to leasing and management. That’s a huge task—which Westfield Australia cuts down to size with the teamwork fostered by Yammer. Westfield Australia uses Yammer to improve operations by leveraging the knowledge of management, employees, and partners. Its network facilitates targeted communication on everything from business forecasts to fashion trends. Moreover, the network delivers crowd-sourced insight that Westfield uses to improve operations, from IT training to customer promotions. One solution discussed on Yammer quickly resolved a problem that would otherwise have vexed staff, retailers, and customers for about six weeks.