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Learn how an optimized desktop means business—better business.
See how Volume Licensing can help you attain an Optimized Desktop.
Empower your employees to do more and learn more.
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Brought to you by Enterprise Customer Care | Volume 4, Issue 2 | May 2011
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Flexibility, security, efficiency—the hallmarks of an optimized desktop
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Provide a Windows Optimized Desktop for your company with Windows 7 Enterprise, Microsoft Office 2010, and the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP).
See how Volume Licensing can help you reach an Optimized Desktop.
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From Volume 4, Issue 1: Microsoft Office 2010: The Key to Productivity and Efficiency
To get the most value and attain the Optimized Desktop from your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA), you need to understand how Microsoft Volume Licensing applies to the products you have purchased, and which resources and benefits can help you get deployed on the latest versions.
Upgrading your products with Volume Licensing is easy.
If you already have a Windows 7 operating system (OS) or Microsoft Office 2010 on your EA, you already have the upgrade rights to these products.*
With the Windows OS included on your EA, you are entitled to upgrade an existing qualified Windows client OS. However, you will still need to purchase the full Windows OS for any desktop that does not already have a qualified Windows OS on it.
An Optimized Desktop can be yours with the latest products and services.
A Windows 7 deployment is a good time to implement technologies such as MDOP. Organizations can take advantage of the people, processes, and technologies that are already engaged in the operating system rollout to deploy these technologies; in turn, MDOP can help to ease the time, cost, and effort of the operating system rollout and make the environment easier to manage going forward. You may already have MDOP on your existing EA, or you can add it by contacting your partner.
A component of MDOP, Microsoft Application Virtualization, transforms applications into centrally managed services that are never installed and don’t conflict with other applications. You have the ability to update or deploy apps without touching desktops.
Remember that you can only subscribe to MDOP if the Windows license is covered with SA, and unlike the perpetual right to keep using Windows 7 Enterprise after SA expires, you would have to cease using MDOP if your SA expires.
Schedule a time to plan your deployment with a partnerExplore learning courses to get up to speed on deployment practices
Be a hero. Help your employees save on Microsoft Office today.
The Home Use Program is a Software Assurance benefit included under many Microsoft Volume Licensing agreements.
Provide your employees with flexibility to work from home while helping boost knowledge and efficiency at the same time. Through the Home Use Program, employees can access the current version of Microsoft Office virtually anywhere at any time!
Office Professional Plus
When you use the Home Use Program benefit, your employees can download Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 (or Office for Mac 2008) for use on their home computers for just $9.95. They enjoy a significant savings, and because the installation process is supported by Microsoft, it doesn’t place a burden on your company’s IT department.
Take advantage of the Home Use Program
* For details on qualifying operating system licenses, please refer to page 94 of the Product List.

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