SAM Helps You Manage and Optimize Your Organization's IT Assets

In today’s business world, a good Software Asset Management (SAM) plan is an essential part of protecting your software assets and helping you manage and optimize your IT infrastructure. Microsoft has developed a program to help customers as they work through key events to help ensure they receive maximum value from their software assets and optimize their deployment. There are four key event categories where SAM can provide deep benefit:
Contract Events
Contract milestones, such as True-up or Agreement Renewal, are major events that require some preparation time and resources. Once a year, Microsoft customers are asked to align their Enterprise Agreement with the number of desktops or servers added in the previous 12 months in the True-Up process. It’s an opportunity to review what you have, what you’re missing, and what you need to add to help your people be more productive.
Market Events
If you have merged or acquired a new business, a Microsoft SAM engagement can help ensure you deliver on the benefits of the combined entity as quickly as possible. Experienced SAM Partners help you gain a full understanding of the available technology assets by providing the information you need to match deployments with software licenses and provide recommendations for managing software assets efficiently in the new organization, including agreement transfer or consolidation. This knowledge and guidance can speed up the transition as well as increase efficiencies and employee productivity after the integration.
Management Events
When coming in to a new position in IT management, you have a fresh perspective and are in a unique position to have immediate impact. Your organization may be counting on you to deliver creative new technology solutions, address legacy challenges, and find opportunities to cut costs. There is urgency to establish your strategic vision, gain credibility, mediate risks and understand the environment. A SAM engagement can help you deliver immediate value throughout your company by giving you the insight necessary to drive quick wins as well as give your long-term strategic vision credibility because your ideas are rooted in data.
Technology Events
The benefits of virtualization are compelling. Whether you are virtualizing in the server or at the desktop environment, the benefits are substantial so it’s no wonder virtualization’s adoption rate is exploding. A SAM engagement can help you manage the complexity of virtual environments by mapping your environment providing a clear picture of what you’ve deployed, capitalizing on the efficiencies of virtualization while minimizing your exposure and risk. This ensures the technical implementation of your virtual environment aligns with your Microsoft Volume Licensing Agreements.
A SAM engagement helps redistribute unused software, eliminate waste, overlap and redundancy, and lower the costs associated with buying and maintaining a software library. When you have a key event and engage in a SAM engagement you will receive:
  • Inventory of your companies software installations
  • Reconciliation of your Microsoft software with your Microsoft Volume License Statement
  • Confidence with a clear, optimized license position
  • Licensing guidance for budgeting and planning strategic IT projects such as software deployment and transition to the cloud
  • Alignment of your licensing with virtualization readiness and deployments
The SAM engagement is conducted virtually by a Gold SAM Competency partner. To find out more about how SAM programs can help your business, contact your Microsoft® Account Representative, your Large Account Reseller, or email and visit