Welcome to Microsoft License Management

Thank you for your volume license agreement. Microsoft® understands that you’re focused on reducing your computing costs and using technology to drive innovation and improve IT efficiency. Through your Microsoft Volume License agreement, you will receive the software, tools, and resources to help support your business growth. Microsoft’s License Management program is here to support you throughout the license agreement lifecycle.
Volume Licensing
Just getting started? Learn how to use and get the most value from your agreement by watching the Enterprise Agreement Welcome Briefing.

Software Activation

Once you’ve purchased software through a license agreement, you can activate and deploy it across your organization. Click here to learn more about software activation.

Software Assurance

Software Assurance benefits are designed to help you deploy and manage your software. To activate your benefits, you’ll need to visit the Volume Licensing Service Center. To find out more about activating or using your benefits, visit the Software Assurance benefits page on the Volume Licensing site.


Get the most out of your investments. When you’re ready to implement new software across your organization, your Software Assurance benefits give you access to a variety of resources to help plan and execute your deployment, including technical training and partner services. To learn more, check out these helpful deployment planning resources

Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management (SAM) is a set of best practices and tools designed to manage and optimize your technology investments. Implementing SAM protects your software investments and helps you recognize what you have, where it's running, and if your organization is using your assets efficiently. The insight gathered through SAM helps simplify the annual renewal process, agreement consolidation and transfer in a merger or acquisition, licensing virtualization solutions, or planning for new technology trends that affect your software environment. To find out more about how SAM programs can help your business, contact your Microsoft® Account Representative, your Large Account Reseller, or email and visit

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