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Welcome to the Reimagine Marketing Blog (formerly the Marketing @ Microsoft blog)! This blog is here to address the art of the possible and the science of the probable from some of the leading marketing experts at Microsoft. We have set out to cover the topics that marketers are passionate about drawing from the amazing people and talent inside of Microsoft. You will see blogs on things ranging from content marketing to social, user centered design to marketing transformation, our latest digital research to amazing customer stories. Executives and experts from across Microsoft share their perspectives on engaging customers and communicating effectively in today’s digital age.

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9.17.2015Jeff Marcoux
Microsoft is excited to announce the 2nd annual CXO NEXT Innovation Awards.
7.21.2015Jeff Marcoux
Your Agile Social Marketing Template for Success
3.5.2015Jeff Marcoux
Tips for developing an attainable action plan
2.3.2015Jeff Marcoux
What was your favorite commercial in Sunday’s Super Bowl? Curious to know which ones resonated on social media?
1.29.2015Jeff Marcoux
Create marketing impact to drive innovation
1.27.2015Gini Ekstein
The art of communication is still the key to getting anything done.
1.8.2015Colin Wright
Machine learning gives retailers a competitive edge.
1.6.2015Laura Robinson
Getting your customers to return time and time again.
12.30.2014Gini Ekstein
The art of communication is still the key to getting anything done.
12.23.2014Gen Williams
Leaders on the cutting edge of sales best practices.
12.18.2014Cedric Alford
The importance of taking a strategic view of marketing automation.
12.16.2014Radu Ranga
Branding, marketing, and design in the human era.
12.11.2014Natasha Hritzuk
Start building your strategy with the consumer front and center.
12.9.2014Brett Rafuse
Context, the Key to Becoming Truly Customer-Centric.
12.2.2014Jeff Marcoux
The state of marketing and the dawn of the modern marketer.
12.1.2014Microsoft Digital Trends
Why more than half of consumers expect technology to deliver unique experiences that "feel like coincidences."
12.1.2014Microsoft with IPG Mediabrands and The FutureLaboratory
In-store or online, 61% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand that allows them to touch and feel the products.
12.1.2014Microsoft Case Study
When your truck is the only one trusted to tow the space shuttle, where does your brand go from there?
12.1.2014Rob Salkowitz, MediaPlant
A bumper crop of startups is turning marketing upside down.
12.1.2014Rob Salkowitz, MediaPlant
Exploring the not-so-distant future of the connected customer.
5.6.2014Elisa Steele
Social and mobile technologies have changed how we live our lives and upended marketing as we know it. To keep pace with digital’s huge influence on consumer media habits, a brand’s integrated marketing strategy must incorporate digital marketing from the start.
5.6.2014Reed Cundiff
At Microsoft, we aspire to broad, sustained success across multiple factors – grow revenue and earnings, compete to win, and delight customers.
How the business customer has borrowed shopping habits from the consumer, and the surprising ripple effects that have ensued.
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