In the Windows Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS) model, the server OS, hardware, storage and part of the network layer are “outsourced” to Azure.

  • For component failures, Azure VM provides redundancy, but because the application layer is vulnerable, additional stacks should be built to protect against this situation.
  • When considering a vertical failure in PaaS, Azure SQL replication technologies such as SQL Data Sync must be used to manage the data replication across sites. However, one of the benefits of Cloud technology is the 2-way sync in SQL Data Sync enabling active/active clustered applications.
  • Because the OS layer is outsourced to Azure, Azure provides protection against horizontal failures such as intermittent network outages, network DOS attacks, and OS or SQL viruses. It is currently unclear concerning Azure virus protection and SLAs.


With Software as a Service (SaaS), the resiliency moves from being a technical discussion to be being simply an SLA. How the supplier meets the SLA

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Lisa Reshaur

General Manager of Enterprise
Business Continuity Management

As Microsoft IT embraces the
consumerization of IT and enables
the company to offer devices and
online services to customers, the
IT organization needs to drive an
industry-leading business
continuity program. Lisa Reshaur
joined Microsoft IT last year to
manage and execute our business
continuity and disaster recovery
strategy. Lisa and team will
ensure Microsoft has sufficient
resources, training, alignment,
and readiness plans in place to
drive resiliency and response on
a worldwide scale.

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