Industry Feature Article | Big Data and Energy Oil Chemical
Getting Real – Harnessing the Promise of Big Data Today Can Impact How Energy / Mining / Chemical Processing Industries Compete More Effectively
Data is coming at us faster than before and no longer in the familiar structured sequence of numbers and text. New formats include images, sensor, seismic, mapping and social exchanges and have the ability to provide us with keen insight not available in the past. Harnessing this data and marrying it with multiple sources – both structured and unstructured – can turn it into valuable insight that will help teams across your organization make better decisions.
Competitive resource, energy, mining and chemical companies are capitalizing on the latest advances in technology platform, tools and applications to realize the promise Big Data can deliver by taking advantage of this disruptive trend to improve operations, profitability, environmental sustainability and customer service including how multiple sources can be leveraged for real-time insight. Discover why a Big Data roadmap is a must for organizations planning to remain competitive.
Big Data – Why Do We Care?
Big Data is a term that everyone is talking about but really the same problems have been haunting the industry for much longer than Big Data has been around:
  1. How can I use my data to make actionable decisions throughout the day?
  2. How do I access data that is sourced from multiple locations?
  3. Why are the reporting tools so difficult?
  4. How can I integrate better visualization like mapping to improve decision-making?
Flexibility and Agility
Gone are the days when a single data warehouse is the answer. The pace and change at which we are accumulating data requires a more nimble and flexible approach. This means combining existing traditional data sources with newer formats where accumulation and storage of assets can exist anywhere. PaaS (Platform as a Service), Cloud and Mobile all play a role in the evolution of Big Data. Capturing and processing information from remote locations and various devices becomes an opportunity to provide deep business insight across all levels of your organization.
Mobile First
With a plethora of tablets, rugged devices, scanning units and smart phones, momentum continues to grow for field applications that can deliver accurate and real-time information. Information might include:
  • Monitoring trucks in remote regions such as ice highways and tar fields for safety and risk management;
  • Analyzing field maintenance to predict service outages;
  • Charting emissions to ensure eco-compliance;
  • Mapping locations for operations efficiency;
These represent a small sample of the hundreds of available mobile solutions.
Mobile devices provide an instinctive platform for dashboards and reporting and provide each stakeholder with the appropriate data at the appropriate place and time, according to their role and needs. Integrating images and information captured in rugged and remote environments and instantly communicating that data to anywhere in the world where dashboards can visually represent the impact is already paying dramatic dividends to companies leveraging these solutions.
Most resource-related industries have great financial data. This is because financials are gathered after the fact and are delivered in terms of month-end, quarter-end and annual reporting. To meet the demands of global competitive pressures, resource industries need to be more nimble and to think of providing business insight in terms of days, hours and minutes.
The trend toward self-service is a critical-path item on your Big Data roadmap.  It is no longer sufficient for IT to be involved in producing reports for the business to decipher. The information arrives too late to provide the value demanded today.
The Microsoft Advantage
Microsoft has a highly flexible and robust business intelligence platform that drives the delivery of information for users into a familiar Excel interface so that self-service, reporting, queries and data manipulation can remain in the hands of the business. Insight is delivered in real-time across multiple devices such as tablets, phones as well as traditional desktops. Additional capabilities are introduced through speciality applications created by Microsoft partners who focus on discrete capabilities within the Energy / Mining / Chemical Processing Industries. The Microsoft Advantage is a powerful set of tools coupled with speciality applications that enable users to get what they want, when they need it. 
More Information
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