CIO Network Update | November 2011

Nov 1 - Live Executive Webcast: New Devices & Infrastructure in the Enterprise

Join Microsoft executives Tony Scott, Brad Anderson and Steve Guggenheimer to preview new devices that will be available to consumers this holiday season and to discuss how companies can take advantage of the increase in personal devices in the workspace, without affecting management or security.

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IT-Driven Innovation: Not as Easy as You Think

It would seem that all an IT team has to do is snap its fingers and innovation happens. After all, these are the best and brightest technologists in the enterprise working on leading-edge systems and devices that should bring the business into new, uncharted territory. Why, then, is it actually so hard?

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Beyond the Back Office: Innovation and the CIO

Innovation is at the heart of business growth-accelerating speed to market, improving and developing business processes, partnering with business groups to develop new products/services, creating more customer value, and increasing profitability. But how can CIOs play a larger role in innovation throughout the business? Microsoft CTO, Barry Briggs and IDG Enterprise President, Michael Friedenberg discuss this topic.

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Students Drive Innovation

Creating a culture of innovation is more critical than ever to a company's success. Customers and business partners expect organizations to embrace new and inventive ways of providing services, building and delivering products, and communicating and collaborating.

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