Business Insights Newsletter Article | December 2013
Windows 8 Devices – It’s Time to Take Another Look

A lot has happened since Windows 8 Devices made their debut a little over a year ago. Like any new kid on the block,\ initial introductions were tentative while established players determined if Microsoft had the chops to go the full distance. But with a history of operating system market leadership, backed by a huge commitment to R & D as well as a partner channel eager to step up and embrace the Windows 8 advantage, Microsoft is seeing steady adoption across both consumer and enterprise customers. It’s time to take another look.

Cost vs Functionality – Why Not Best of Both?

Microsoft OEM partners are bringing new devices to market at dramatically reduced price-points with some Windows 8 tablets retailing for as low as $299 . In many cases that is a reduction of up to seventy or eighty percent over what we were seeing twelve months ago.

And Microsoft is helping customers stretch budget dollars further by offering a rich corporate buy-back program. For enterprises who need the full functionality of Windows 8 to securely deploy mobile applications, now is the time to take another look. With up to $350 per device on the table, it is a compelling opportunity to consider the advantages of Windows 8 devices without needing to dip deep into procurement pockets.

Everybody’s Talking

PC World recently profiled Windows 8 devices in their buyers guide with the following enthusiastic summary:

“But Windows tablets have killer features of their own that help them excel at portable productivity:

  • SkyDrive-powered syncing features make it easy to hop from PC to tablet to laptop and back again without skipping a beat.
  • Internet Explorer 11 is a full-blown, desktop-class browser, unlike the mobile versions of Chrome and Safari. Yes, that means it works with Flash and Silverlight sites.
  • Virtually all Windows tablet models have optional keyboard accessories.
  • Many Windows 8 tablets ship with a free copy of Office Home & Student preinstalled.
  • Once you’ve used the Snap multitasking feature, going back to one app at a time on Android or iOS just plain hurts.
  • And of course, only Windows 8 tablets offer full access to the traditional Windows desktop and its vast horde of software…”

“Windows 8 devices have made a big difference in the mobile capabilities I am delivering to my customers. They are simply more secure, more cost effective and more capable than other platforms. We just shipped 1,000 Windows 8 devices to a large US beverage distributor who are using them for field sales order entry. Ease of use, security and integration to their ERP system as well as the ability to access back-office data both on and off-net were key factors in the decision to move forward. We’ve since standardized on Windows 8 Devices for all our field sales applications.”

Jamie Lippay, CEO, Keyora Inc

Windows 8 Devices Provide Competitive Advantage
Novartis is empowering staff and increasing productivity with a highly secure solution on a single device:

\ “With Windows 8 we use this new platform to support three use cases … if you are a highly mobile person that is always on the road and needs a fully touch enabled device that supports our legacy applications it is a slate with Windows 8.”

Michael Binder, Architect, Global Infrastructure Services, Novartis Watch the full Novartis Video here

\Toyota Racing Development provided teams with applications that run on laptops, but the drivers found them difficult to use. “I’ve just come off a 175-mile-an-hour run. I’m strapped in, my adrenalin is pumping, and the car is being jacked up and down,” says Kenny Wallace, who drives the #99 Toyota Camry for RAB Racing with Brack Maggard. “I can’t be fumbling with a mouse and keyboard to tell my crew chief that we have to figure out why I’m losing a couple hundredths of a second in the third corner.” Watch the full TRD Video here

By the Numbers

And while customer success stories continue to grow, market statistics provide further evidence that Microsoft has gotten it right with their Windows 8 Device strategy. Consider the following:

  • Windows 8 has surpassed 100 million licenses sold since launch and momentum continues to grow with this number including licenses shipping on a new tablet or PC as well as upgrades to Windows 8.
  • There have been more than 20 million enterprise evaluations of Windows 8.
  • Touch devices in this lineup are up six-fold since launch.
  • There are now more than 100,000 apps in the Windows store

Use the Buyback Program for your own Test Drive

It’s time for you to experience a new Windows 8 Device and see for yourself what everyone else is talking about. Take advantage of the Windows Devices Corporate Buyback Program; you can get up to $350 per device when you trade in an old iPhone, iPad or a broad range of phones and tablet devices to purchase a new Windows Phone or Tablet. The process is easy, secure, and scales well to corporate purchases or BYOD scenarios.

Visit the Windows Devices Corporate Buyback Program website to get a quote.