Business Insights Newsletter Article | July 2013
Mobility – Is the Trend toward Mobility Helping Your Business?
We live in an “always on” society. A number of factors are driving this trend including a user population who choose to adopt devices and applications that keep them connected to what matters in their world. According to market researcher mobiThinking, the number of smartphones has now broken the one billion mark. This represents over sixteen percent penetration and a staggering growth rate of 46.6 percent in just twelve months. And it’s not only smartphones. Tablets and rugged mobile devices are offered at price points that make them affordable options for personal and business use. Ease, convenience, flexibility, agility. With the appetite for all things on-the-go, is your organization harnessing mobility in the most effective way? Why does Microsoft believe they have the most compelling mobility story for the enterprise?
Offer Choice and Improve Security with Policy and Access Management
Smart organizations are benefiting from the power of mobility by offering their employees choice. With a broad range of options to select from, employees can opt to work with their preferred device, making them more effective and improving their connected experience.
So what does this mean for busy IT departments already pressured with too much to do and not enough time? Moving away from device management and into policy and access management is actually reducing the burden on IT, improving security and increasing flexibility for employees.
With policy and access management you can standardize on hardware that meets all of your corporate requirements while taking advantage of the latest trends and innovations to help employees be more productive in a mobile world. Security is never compromised and ease of access means that users can quickly connect to line of business and productivity applications they need to make decisions and complete tasks on-the-go.
Stay Productive Everywhere
There was a time when an emergency at the office meant physically being there to take care of it. Not anymore. With today’s mobile solutions, workers can be productive and agile using familiar, connected business solutions across a variety of devices.
Using integrated communications, it is simple to access the right people for decisions or to solve problems. With presence, messaging and live conferencing from any connected device, employees can take their office virtually everywhere, making it easier to achieve work and personal commitments by enabling a flexible business environment in any location. Enterprise-ready real-time communications tools facilitate immediate, informal connections, providing a familiar Skype-like experience that users are instantly comfortable with while meeting the security and compliance requirements of your business.
Foster Business Agility with Mobile Line of Business
In addition to business productivity tools, your line of business applications are probably your life-blood, generating revenues through order processing, manufacturing, design, sales, service and other mission-critical functions for your business.
Mobility enables you to accelerate core business workflows by building and deploying custom mobile applications on a standard trustworthy platform that takes advantage of your existing resources and talent. Extending powerful LOB applications for mobile can help you keep core business workflows—such as for sales and field services teams—moving more quickly in the field.
Multi-device experiences are now the norm. Providing a consistent interface across multiple devices means no learning curve for users. The demand for multi-device experiences creates a clear catalyst for IT to gravitate toward technologies that will help get their apps on more devices while enabling those apps to harness the power of device-specific features and capabilities. The key is to approach app design as a combination of device experiences and services in the back end.
How Can Microsoft Help?
Microsoft’s transformation to a devices and services company means enterprise customers can benefit from a full complement of hardware and applications to meet a broad spectrum of mobility needs. In addition to hardware, a wide variety of cloud-enabled services provide users with online applications and the ability to connect and update information from anywhere.
Employees familiar with Office can now benefit from the added online service offering of Office 365 which allows users to connect to all their Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) on the go and collaborate with colleagues anywhere in the world. Imagine continuing to work on the same document on the train ride home using your smartphone or tablet that you had just been accessing at your workstation an hour before.
SkyDrive Pro increases the power of Office 365 by providing enterprise-grade cloud storage and collaboration in a simple and easy to use interface. Store large files in the cloud for fast access anywhere. Collaborate online with colleagues and save time by editing the same document at once.
Did you know that Microsoft’s award-winning CRM application is also available in the cloud? Dynamics CRM can let you access important client, sales and service information from any device. Get up to the minute accurate revenue results. Quickly identify sales trends. Understand if support issues are being resolved on time.
The introduction of Windows 8 along with management tools such as System Center enables organizations to deploy and manage on a single security enhanced system, reducing cost, increasing agility and ensuring the entire enterprise is compliant across the organization. Write once, run anywhere. A tremendous savings in time and resources for busy IT departments.
Part of the appeal of Microsoft’s mobility story – in addition to enterprise-grade security -- is the ability to create a consistent experience, tailored to an end-user’s preferences, across a world of devices. And it’s made more powerful with the integration of cloud services. With Microsoft you have information and data that is updated, accessible and available from your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, whether you’re online or offline. While there are interesting point solutions available in the market today, no one is tying together a seamless experience today like Microsoft – from devices to the desktop, and infrastructure to the cloud.
The range of enterprise-ready Microsoft mobility solutions may surprise you. Contact us today to attend a CIE – Customer Immersion Experience. Learn how mobility and Microsoft can transform your business, driving a best-in-class enterprise experience and more profit to your bottom line.