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Microsoft AUGUST 2013
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The Enterprise Re-Imagined – CEO’s Expect an Empowered Organization
Inspired by changes in the technology landscape, today’s business leaders are reimagining each facet of their organization. Getting to market faster and with innovative products and services is a necessary differentiator in driving competitive capabilities. The right decisions around enabling technologies and services can unlock your potential and deliver business transformation -- across your enterprise and for your customers.

By 2016, one billion global consumers will have access to a smartphone or tablet computers, making mobile devices a crucial medium for interacting with customers. With 2.5 billion users connected to the internet, one third of the worldwide population is a click away from your business, product, or service. (World Internet Users Statistics Usage, 2012)

Enabling your people to work where they want—in the office, on the go, and at home—and making it easy for them to collaborate with colleagues, partners and even customers around the world is key. According to industry analysts mobile workers will number 1.3 billion (over 37% of the total workforce) by 2015.

What CEO’s Want
Key technologies driving change in enterprise are mobile communications, social networking, data analytics, and, enabling them all, cloud computing solutions.

These technologies – called “mega-trends” by one industry analyst firm -- are revolutionizing how companies do everything from engage consumers, manage expenses, attract and retain talent, nimbly compete in a global economy, and help foster a culture of innovation.

Given some of these trends, CEOs across a range of industries are reimagining their enterprises in light of the new technology landscape. In survey after survey, CEOs identify the same basic set of issues driving change and challenging businesses today:

  • Empowered customers have more information and new ways to connect. How can businesses keep up with rising expectations?
  • Cost and risk management are more important than ever. How can we achieve real-time visibility to optimize the business?
  • New modes of work are changing the workplace. How can our organization invest in technology to attract, motivate, and empower the leaders of today and tomorrow?
  • Global uncertainty is changing the competitive landscape. How can we anticipate and react to challenges in the market and the regulatory climate?
  • Innovation is coming from everywhere. What can we do to foster innovation and stay nimble enough to keep ahead of the pack?

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Windows 8.1: New Features for Business /
We built Windows 8 to bring the most powerful and modern computing experience to businesses and to help professionals stay connected to their colleagues and clients anywhere, anytime. Windows 8.1 advances this vision and introduces new manageability, mobility, security, user experience and networking capabilities that will be available later this year. And our goal for Windows 8.1: offer customers the best business tablets and versatile, next generation business PCs driven by the most powerful operating system designed for modern businesses.
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Licensing Innovations for the Cloud /
Companies worldwide are embracing cloud computing as a way to enable better business agility, economics and user experiences. Because of its power to fundamentally change how businesses operate and compete, the cloud is a game changer.

Cloud computing is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Instead, companies, like you, want the power to decide when and how they shift computing capabilities to this new model. Many start by building out a private cloud infrastructure on-premise or in a hosted environment. This allows them to create a layer of abstraction over pooled resources and deliver a true service capability as well as optimally manage application services. Others start by leveraging the public cloud to quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a global network of third party-managed datacenters.

Microsoft’s licensing is evolving to ensure that you have all the tools you need to embrace the public and/or private cloud on your own terms.

Discover how you can license Microsoft products to take advantage of Microsoft-Cloud services. Get information on featured industry trends and answers to questions about popular Volume Licensing subjects.

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Events /
Catch the Microsoft Technology Roadmap Event
Coming to a city near you: This invitation-only event has been supercharged to add immediate and lasting value to your business by exploring powerful new solutions, technologies and business opportunities. Hear the latest on Microsoft Windows 8.1, Office, Lync, Skype, Dynamics CRM, SQL and Systems Center.
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Private Cloud: Infrastructure-as-a-Service Product Line Architecture Guidance /
Providing patterns that serve as a foundation for a range of private and hybrid cloud solutions, the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Product Line Architecture (PLA) can help organizations develop and implement private cloud infrastructures quickly while reducing complexity and risk. Check out a reference implementation that combines Microsoft software, consolidated guidance, and validated configurations with partner technology.
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