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Previous Issues

December 2015 - The best hidden features in Window’s 10’s major update

Microsoft's first major Windows 10 update debuted recently with some new features and changes. (read more)

December 2015 - In the Cloud We Trust: There is no national security without cybersecurity

It’s time to rebuild the world’s faith in the technology that powers us all. Brad Smith, Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer... (read more)

November 2015 - A New Era of Windows 10 Devices

Have you seen the new Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book? Microsoft introduced new Surface, Lumia, and Band devices and shared the latest from HoloLens, and Xbox.  (read more)

October 2015 - Live Streaming Today: The Microsoft Virtual CIO Summit

Join thousands of IT Professionals at the Virtual CIO Summit, streaming live today from the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, Washington.  (read more)

September 2015 - 5 key trends in business intelligence, from self-service analytics to data integration

The latest release of Power BI gives us a great opportunity to look at how some smart folks in the industry view the latest trends in business intelligence.  (read more)

September 2015 - Microsoft Tech Leaders Forum: 10-City Roadshow

You haven't experienced a technology event like this before. In one day, you will hear about a full ecosystem of solutions that are proven to transform businesses into intelligent enterprises.  (read more)

August 2015 - See Windows 10 Features in Action

Do familiar things. Do great things. Do unexpected things. Take a tour of the best Windows yet.  (read more)

August 2015 - Windows 10: Upgrade Your World

Windows was built to help people do great things. Whether creating opportunities for youth, saving the environment, fighting hunger, enabling next generation farming, or inspiring 3D creation - Windows is built for those who do.  (read more)

July 2015 - CGI to Chaos Theory: How Jurassic Park Inspired a Generation

It was as though every dino-dream we had as kids was finally confirmed through the magic of film.  (read more)

July 2015 - Sink or Swim: 3 Tech Trends to Adopt Now or Face Extinction Later

Jack Welch, retired CEO of General Electric, once said, “If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.”  (read more)

June 2015-Ignite 2015: New Solutions Fuel Innovation and Transformation for IT Pros

Hear the latest announcements on how we are delivering a modern enterprise architecture IT pros can use to lead transformation in their companies and to thrive with mobile and cloud.  (read more)

June 2015 - Exponential Data: 5 Steps to a Data-Centric Organization

The exponential business is one that is taking advantage of accelerating technologies, like data visualization, to outpace their peers.  (read more)

May 2015 - Fun and Games with a Mad Man

Fans of “Mad Men” should tune in to the latest episode of the Next at Microsoft podcast, now available.  (read more)

May 2015 - Forrester Conducts a Total Economic Impact™

Microsoft commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ study to examine the potential ROI of deploying SQL Server 2012 and 2014.  (read more)

April 2015 - Living Smarter: The Productivity Future Vision

How could emerging technologies transform the way we get things done 5-10 years from now?Watch Kat, a young independent marine biologist, and Lola,  (read more)

April 2015 - Business Intelligence: The Eyes and Ears of Your Business

The challenge for business owners is 1) how to quickly turn that raw data into actionable business insights, and 2) how to give more people access to those insights on a self-serve basis.  (read more)

March 2015 - Why 3D Printing is Disrupting Manufacturing by Turning Traditional Process on its Head

With 3D printing, traditional manufacturing processes are reversed. Now, the most basic elements can make complex machines  (read more)

March 2015 - Top Ten Ways Businesses Can Stay Competitive in 2015

Modern Workplace is a monthly online series, bringing you access to business and technology leaders who are creating the future – today. Watch the webinar to see our top 10  (read more)

February 2015 - Cloud Roundup: The Best Cloud Posts from the Microsoft for Work Blog

Cloud isn’t a buzzword: 5 must-read posts that untangle fact from marketing speak. See what the cloud is, why it's important and what the cloud can do for your business.  (read more)

January 2015 - The Case for Monetization of Customer Purchase Data

Banks are a mother lode of data. With this vast amount of consumer purchases and merchant sales information, it’s taken a while for banks to capitalize on this endless stream of data,  (read more)

December 2014 - 6 Simple Steps for Keeping Data and Devices Secure On the Road

The rise of the mobile workforce means a rise in the need to secure your data. If you take advantage of public Wi-Fi,  (read more)

November 2014 - How Theorem Clinical Research uses a global technology solution to transform company culture, increase customer satisfaction, and spur growth

When deploying a new technology solution, Jacylyn Bodmer, VP & CIO at Theorem Clinical Research,  (read more)

October 2014 - Introducing Windows 10 for Business

Windows 10 is the next generation of our OS that adapts to the devices you’re on and what you’re trying to get done with a consistent, familiar and compatible experience that enables  (read more)

September 2014 - How Collective Intelligence is Changing the Way We Work

New means of communication and collaboration are challenging convention in the workplace, leaving us to establish new ways of interacting and working.  (read more)

August 2014 - A Matter of Memory - Business Insight Accelerated

SQL2014 delivers information up to 30 times faster. Find out how and discover your SQL2014 competitive edge.  (read more)

July 2014 - Azure Media Services Tops Podium for Broadcasters & Enterprises

When asked what Azure is designed for, many companies immediately respond with "storage" or "test/development".  (read more)

June 2014 - Windows 8 Packs an Enterprise Punch

Opportunity and choice. The retirement of one of the world's most respected operating systems - Windows XP - has encouraged enterprise customers to explore new methods for  (read more)

May 2014 - Social Customer Service – Finding $ in @ # and “recommends”

Looking for new ways to increase your revenues? According to research conducted by leading firm Bain & Company, the answer may lie right in the hashtags, likes, retweets...  (read more)

April 2014 - Cloud Connects IT and Business for Innovation and Transformation

In a recent industry research paper, “Enabling the Secure and Rapid Adoption of Cloud Services”, Forester commented that it is futile for organizations to try and stop the presence of cloud...  (read more)

March 2014 - Cloud Workload Prioritization

The rapid adoption of cloud across all sizes of enterprises is enabling organizations to take advantage of benefits such as flexible cost models, rapid implementation...  (read more)

February 2014 - Data Visualization Enables Business to Transform Big Data into Big Value

A recent article appeared in Wall Street & Technology highlighting how the talent gap for data scientists could hamper successful...  (read more)

January 2014 - Reimagine Your Enterprise at the Microsoft Technology Roadmap Event

Ten cities. Four sessions. One keynote. Thousands of conversations. Don't miss the event that last year had everyone talking...  (read more)

Windows 8 Devices – It’s Time to Take Another Look

A lot has happened since Windows 8 Devices made their debut a little over a year ago. Like any new kid on the block, initial introductions were tentative while...  (read more)

December 2013 - "Get it Done" a Global Success, a Blueprint for Business

Office 365 takes on the 'enemies of done,' from lack of Wi-Fi to that important document you need to send now that's on your computer at home...  (read more)

November 2013 - Meet Today's Untethered Business

Today we characterize 29% of the global workforce as anytime, anywhere information workers -- those who use three or more devices, work from multiple locations, and use many apps...  (read more)

October 2013 - Microsoft Defines the Cloud with One Word – Value

When conversation turns to cloud computing, there is a lot of noise. Press, vendors, analysts, bloggers and others deliver opinions on what a successful cloud strategy entails.  (read more)

September 2013 - Attend the Premiere Event for Senior IT Leaders - The Fully Virtual Microsoft US CIO Summit on October 8

Last year we invited thousands of senior IT leaders to join us for the first fully virtual and interactive Microsoft US CIO Summit.  (read more)

August 2013 - The Enterprise Re-Imagined – CEO’s Expect an Empowered Organization

Inspired by changes in the technology landscape, today’s business leaders are reimagining each facet of their organization.  (read more)

July 2013 - Mobility – Is the Trend toward Mobility Helping Your Business?

We live in an “always on” society. A number of factors are driving this trend including a user population who choose...  (read more)

June 2013 - Maximize Your Most Important Asset

“Our people are our greatest asset.” It would be cliché if it weren’t so true. Unfortunately, many companies pay lip service to the importance of...  (read more)

May 2013 - What You Might Be Missing

Big data is the term increasingly used to describe the process of applying serious computing power - the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence...  (read more)

April 2013 - Many Needs - One Solution

What’s the surest way to drive your business to the brink of extinction? Failing to prepare for a predictable future. So unless...  (read more)

March 2013 - Learn, Connect, and Grow at the CIO Summit

As a reader of the Business Insights newsletter, you’re probably someone who’s tuned into the latest trends in technology...  (read more)