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Attend the Premiere Event for Senior IT Leaders - The Fully Virtual Microsoft US CIO Summit on October 8
"Having attended last year in person, I have to say that this is the next best thing. Audio/Video quality is great with great interaction."
- RK, Virtual Attendee, 2012

Last year we invited thousands of senior IT leaders to join us for the first fully virtual and interactive Microsoft US CIO Summit. msus_tweet1 The Summit brings together some of the best thought leaders to deliver content that focuses on the role of the CIO as business leader, innovator, and contributor and enables insights into global trends, innovations, and solutions designed to help you reduce costs, drive revenue and profit growth, and ultimately thrive in a changing economic landscape.

Join 350 In-Person Delegates
"This is such a great event. I am impressed this far with the delivery. If we cannot be there personally, this is certainly the next best thing!"
- DW, Virtual Attendee, 2012

Your online experience will virtually take you to Redmond where you will join the 350 in-person attendees, interact with speakers and delegates, ask questions and participate in "behind the scenes" sessions designed exclusively for online attendees.

msus_tweet1 Our online participants told us the experience was intimate and meaningful - and they proved it by signing on in the morning and remaining throughout the day, engaging in conversations that provoked lively discussions through connections with peers, analysts, subject matter experts, industry leadership and Microsoft executives.

Reimagining Your Enterprise
"Agree with comments. Presentation is well organized by focusing on the 4 drivers / challenges CIOs are facing!"
- AD, Virtual Attendee, 2012

msus_tweet1 This year our agenda will follow the four big themes that are shaping how IT is transforming the business landscape: Mobility, Cloud, Big Data and Social. Our sessions will share real-world insights including examples from organizations pioneering business innovation through technology. Attend and learn what others are doing to gain a competitive edge in their industry. Join in the discussions and chat and benefit from exclusive "extras" that are only available to our virtual audience.

Our KeyNote
We are excited this year to feature Michael Leiter as our keynote speaker. Michael is the former Director of the United States National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) serving both the Bush and Obama adminstrations. On his departure, President Obama publically praised Leitner’s outstanding contribution:

"Serving in two Administrations since 2007, Mike led the National Counterterrorism Center with dedication and unwavering determination during challenging and demanding times and our nation is grateful for his many contributions to our safety and security. Mike has been a trusted advisor to me and to the entire national security team, providing us with an in-depth understanding of terrorist activities that affect our Nation’s security."

Currently Michael sits on the leadership team at the software firm Palantir Technologies where his role includes developing and optimizing market strategy, business practices and internal operations. He regularly speaks and advises on counterterrorism and cybersecurity as a news analyst and at industry forums. Michael’s keynote will deliver a fresh perspective on the threats facing businesses today and how IT leadership can best be prepared.

Register Today for Your Exclusive Seat at the Virtual CIO Summit
Join your colleagues and share in the latest thinking driving business innovation through IT transformation.
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Microsoft’s Vision for Enterprise Social /
There’s a lot of buzz about social media these days, but there’s nothing new about being social. It has always been part of how we work and live together and do business. What is new is the way that technology enables us to connect and communicate in real time, across geographical distance, and on a scale that’s literally unprecedented in human history.

Through services like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, tens of millions of people keep up with their friends and neighbors and public figures. They discuss a broad variety of topics. They expect to be able to contribute to the discussion and have their contributions respected. This pervasive adoption of social technology and the rise of the powerful consumer is part of a larger transformation driving changes in how we get things done.
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Webinar: Microsoft Power BI with Office 365 /
Thursday, September 17th, 10-11am PST

We are excited to have Michael Tejedor, WW Senior Product Marketing Manager, SQL Server, Microsoft Corporation as the featured speaker for our first customer webinar of the fiscal year. Join your professional colleagues for the "Power BI for Office365" webinar to learn more about how this solution can help you tap insights more quickly and easily than ever before.
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Events /
Catch the Microsoft Technology Roadmap Event
Coming to a city near you: This invitation-only event has been supercharged to add immediate and lasting value to your business by exploring powerful new solutions, technologies and business opportunities. Hear the latest on Microsoft Windows 8.1, Office, Lync, Skype, Dynamics CRM, SQL and Systems Center.
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Doctors Prescribe Surface to Improve
Patient Care
At Palmetto Health, physicians are using Surface Pro to improve patient care. Physicians using the Surface believe it improves efficiency and allows them to see two more patients on average each day.
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Current Trends in Cloud Computing -
Cloud Security Readiness Tool Analysis
Tune into TechNet Radio for a discussion on current trends in cloud computing. Learn how organizations can improve their IT state, understand industry regulations better and evaluate how cloud services can help improve their concerns about privacy, security and reliability.
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