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Previous Issues

Building tomorrow’s cloud

See how construction mega-firm Skanska reveals business innovations created through Microsoft Cloud…  (read more)

Four enterprise security mistakes you don’t want to make

Find out how to keep your company—and you home—safe with advice from the Cyber-crime heroes…  (read more)

Creating the cloud of the future

See how to rise above the competition in secure, forward-thinking cloud adoption…  (read more)

Every business is a digital business

Becoming a truly digital business is key to how we innovate and differentiate ourselves from our competitors. And if the last decade has been the playground of the digital start-ups…  (read more)

Digital Detectives

Last year, an army of five million zombie computers began taking marching orders from an Eastern European cybercriminal kingpin…  (read more)

Building a Global Beauty Brand

With 21,000 global employees and 1,650 stores, Sephora needed a more productive way to connect its employees. Find out how Sephora energized its global workforce…  (read more)

Reimagining Your Business With Today’s Technology

Nearly 500 Hyatt facilities are located around the world. That makes effective mobile communications a must...  (read more)

Reimagining the Enterprise with Social

Microsoft has an exciting vision for Enterprise Social: we want to help companies transform their business with Enterprise Social to achieve their strategic goals...  (read more)

Unleash the business opportunity of Modern Apps

Modern apps adapt to the needs of users by exchanging data with other apps as needed, and by providing personalized experiences, natural user interactions, and social...  (read more)

The 2013 Virtual CIO Summit is Now Available On Demand

The "best of" the Virtual CIO Summit is now available on-demand - a premier event for senior IT leaders. Hear from one of the world's most respected voices on innovation...  (read more)

Global Survey Across 32 Countries Shows Worker Appetite for Social Tools is Increasing

Nearly half of employees report that social tools at work help increase their productivity, but more than 30 percent of companies underestimate the value of these tools...  (read more)

What’s on the mind of enterprise executives?

It’s not just about technology. It’s about your growth. Certainly the technological landscape is changing, but even more importantly, it’s influencing...  (read more)

The Big Bang: How the Big Data Explosion is Changing the World

Big data is the term increasingly used to describe the process of applying serious computing power - the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence...  (read more)

Social Media and Location

Location-based services (LBS) are a general class of computer program-level services used to include specific controls for location and time data...  (read more)

Making the Enterprise Social

Today's employees want and expect to share their thoughts in the moment, and engage with fellow employees who aren't sitting near them. Susan Hauser...  (read more)

Future of Entertainment, Embracing an Always on, Mobile Community

Ron Pessner, Group Partner Manager of Xbox Live discusses how the explosion of devices has transformed the way we read, play games, communicate with friends...  (read more)