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What’s on the mind of enterprise executives?
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The Do’s and Don’ts of Open Wi-Fi for BYOD
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Connecting the Enterprise with Yammer and SharePoint
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Obtaining Real Business Value from Big Data
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Big Data

Microsoft's Vision for the Enterprise

What’s on the mind of enterprise executives?

It’s not just about technology. It’s about your growth. Certainly the technological landscape is changing, but even more importantly, it’s influencing change in businesses around the world.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Open Wi-Fi for BYOD

While each of these categories has its own plan (interconnected with the others), we hear from customers that personal devices drive the dialogue. To be sure, Microsoft employees love their personal and work devices, and expect to use either at any given time of day.

Correlating Store Sales with Demographic Data

Retailers are facing growing challenges extracting business value from their data. The growth of data continues, due to new devices and sensors and rapidly declining hardware cost. Data complexity is increasing as retailers handle both structured data and unstructured data.

A ‘Golden Era’ of Insight: Big Data’s Bright Future

For over 20 years, Microsoft Research’s labs around the world have focused on research across a broad spectrum of topics in computer science. From the start, the organization has invested heavily in pioneering breakthroughs in machine intelligence, including efforts in machine learning and big data.