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Microsoft, Accenture and Avanade Alliance

Today’s business environment has never been more competitive. To succeed, enterprises must be agile. Efficient. Strong. They need the expertise and strength of a team: the alliance of Accenture, Microsoft and their joint venture, Avanade. Together, we deliver game-changing solutions to clients. Accenture’s business and industry expertise combined with Avanade’s world-class technology services and Microsoft’s innovative solutions create high-performing, business scenario-focused enterprise solutions that help clients realize results.

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Realize the future of digital business today

We help enterprises envision the future, and see how digital solutions can transform the way they do business today.

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Increase the value IT delivers

Let go of the old ways of managing technology. Discover the new IT Without Boundaries.

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Hybrid Cloud: From Hype to Reality

New global data shows that the tipping point for hybrid cloud adoption is fast approaching.

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Adopt the CIMO Perspective

The combined power of marketing and IT can mean a better digital customer experience.

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Drive innovation with managed services

Discover how Managed Services can help harness the potential of new technologies.

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