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Microsoft and Redknee Alliance

The Microsoft and Redknee alliance brings about a transformation in the communications space by providing an expanded billing and customer care software solution that enables service providers to monetize new services, business models and content and to deliver a connected customer experience. Through on-premise and cloud-based solutions, Redknee’s customers include over 200 communications service providers and is supporting service providers to monetize digital services associated with the Internet of Things (IOT).

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Billing and Charging

Deliver flexibility to support new trends and sophistication to drive profitability.

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Billing Solutions on the Cloud

Redknee investigates the impact that virtualization has on business operations and customer offerings.

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Partner Settlement Solutions

Bring best-of-breed content to your subscribers while building trusted partner relationships using Redknee.

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End-to-End Billing & Customer Care

Learn how telcos can address real-world challenges while avoiding costly and difficult integrations.

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Monetizing Data Services

Redknee is effectively managing a phenomenal 500 per cent growth rate in mobile data on its network.

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